The magical night of Disney is returning for the third time on “Dancing With The Stars” Monday to uplift spirits after the emotional "Most Memorable Year" performances last week. And professional bull rider turned fashion model Bonner Bolton and his partner Sharna Burgess want their fans to expect the unexpected.

"I'm gonna wreck it," Bolton told TooFab during a behind-the-scenes look at the duo's run through of the Disney-inspired routine.

Team Denim N Diamonds decided to veto the popular vote to dance to “Toy Story’s You’ve Got A Friend In Me” for the more unique and exciting characters in “Wreck It Ralph.”

“It felt like Toy Story was way to predictable for us to do. He’s a cowboy. Everybody wanted us to do a cowboy,” Burgess told TooFab at rehearsal. “We were playing between Ariel and Prince Eric [or] Wreck It Ralph and Penelope, and we decided that this was just kind of fun and excited and a different direction to go.”

Bolton admitted that he actually had the most fun rehearsing for this particular performance because he was able to test his acting skills and act like a child again.

“This week the dance room has felt less like a jail cell and more like a fun playtime,” he said.

Part of the fun the couple had during "play time" is playing dress up in their dance room. The pair will be completely dressing up like the cartoon characters, which includes Bolton wearing a muscle suit.

“We’re literally dressing up like the cartoon,” Burgess added. "I’m trying to create a video game cartoon world so we have to act like animation characters. There’s no Bonner and Sharna this week.”

But Bolton confessed that he got the most inspiration for his character from his own lifestyle.

“I can relate to Wreck It Ralph because he’s kind of an honorary guy, right? And he just wants to be a good guy, but he’s kind of a troublemaker,” he said.

The pair will be dancing a tango that will incorporate their childlike energy and ritual good luck secret handshake into Monday’s performance.

“It’s a very different type of tango. Usually the tango has a lot of passion and fire and attack to it. This is more of a childlike fun, upbeat tango,” Burgess said. “So for me as a choreographer I’m trying to figure out that balance and for Bonner who has been dancing so well this week.”

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