Katy Perry's Most Outrageous Looks

Katy Perry gave some of her Australian fans the shock of their lives and even brought one to tears in the latest promotional stop for her new album “Witness.”

Australian radio station KIIS 1065 teamed up with Universal Music to invite Katy Perry fans to a “focus group” where they’d provide feedback about the singer’s new music.

Little did they know that Katy Perry herself was waiting to sneak up on them while they were singing her praises, and capture their heartwarming interactions on camera.

One fan in particular, a girl named Natalie, talked about how Perry’s music has helped her cope with battling Crohn’s disease.

“My doctors, my nurses, my family, they always know to play her music when I’m about to go into surgery or when I’m just having a rough day,” she said.

She continued, “Everyone goes through stuff, even Katy goes through stuff. When you feel like you can connect to someone and have not only an escape from what you’re dealing with, but you can have someone who can help you through what you’re dealing with, [you can] face it.”

Natalie quickly dissolved into tears when Perry crept up behind her and gave her a hug.

“I just want to thank you for everything,” she told the pop singer. “You are the most special soul.”

Perry responded, “You’re stronger than I am. I would have not known what to do.”

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