"Saturday Night Live" brought "Weekend Update" to primetime on Thursday for the premiere of its "Summer Edition," allowing the show to finally take aim at both Anthony Scaramucci and the investigation into Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian connections.

Both Eric (Alex Moffatt) and Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day) appeared as guests alongside anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che to "discuss their summer highlights," but the conversation quickly turned to that Russian probe.

"The whole story is a nothing burger. It's a cool new phrase everybody's saying," Day joked. "Yes, I went to the meeting and nothing illegal happened. It's like 'To Catch a Predator,' you know about this Colin. Guy shows up to a house with a 12-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade, turns out it's a sting, guy shouldn't get in trouble because nothing happened. You're with me on this Colin, right?"

After Don Jr. said his father told him to just "tell the truth," Eric interjected, "And then he winked!"

Donald Jr. then gave him a fidget spinner to keep him distracted the rest of the time. It worked.

Elsewhere on the show, Bill Hader also popped up as the ousted White House communications director.

"When I hear my name 3 times I appear like a Goomba Beetlejuice," he said, appearing via FaceTime.

"Let me see if I can clean this up for primetime," he said before getting into the expletive-filled conversation that got him fired. "I said Steve Bannon was trying to S his own C. By the by, I was completely misquoted. I didn't say that Bannon tried to S his own C ... he did it. He made contact, tongue to tip!"

He went on to call his former job the "King of Idiot Mountain" before explaining how he's like "human cocaine."

Mooch signed off saying, "You guys hiring over there, because I tell jokes now: Hickory dickory dock, Steve Bannon was sucking his ...." before getting cut off.