6 Funniest Fergie National Anthem Parodies You Need to See
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Fergie may have apologized for butchering the "The Star-Spangled Banner," but the internet is still laughing.

Poor, poor Fergie.

Just about the whole world piled on the pop star after her rendition of the national anthem fell flat at the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night -- and parodies of the performance were not far behind.

The official Instagram account for NBA on TNT repainted Fergie's "Star-Spangled Banner" to make it seem as though Cardi B was jamming out hard to the rendition. Saint Hoax, another Instagram account, paid homage to Cinderella's ugly step-mother and step-sisters by posting "leaked footage of Fergie rehearsing."

Facebook was just as relentless. Taco Truck's page did the honor of removing the music and slowing Fergie's voice down so it sounds like, well, garbage. And Chill Blinton's Facebook page managed to make Smash Mouth relevant in 2018.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Fergie Sings, Cardi B Listens

Fergie sings, Cardi listens 😂🍿

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Leaked Footage of Fergie Rehearsing

Leaked footage of Fergie rehearsing “Star-Spangled Banner” (audio on 🔊)

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