Hollywood Takes Shots at Trump's Idea to Arm 'Highly Trained Teachers' With Guns
48 Times Trump Pissed Off Hollywood in His First Year as POTUS

"A 'gun free' school is a magnet bad people. Attacks would end," Trump tweets Thursday and stars are baffled.

Donald Trump revealed this week that his solution to preventing more school shootings is arming teachers, and Hollywood doesn't think that's the brightest idea.

"We don’t pay our teachers enough to TEACH. Now these fools want them to double as armed security," John Legend tweeted Thursday. " Meanwhile our kids are the active shooter drill generation."

The president suggested on Wednesday while meeting with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors that certain teachers come into their classrooms equipped with a gun, and took to Twitter Thursday morning to rail on the media for allegedly misreporting his remarks.

Here's the president's latest Twitter rant:

"I never said 'give teachers guns' like was stated on Fake news CNN and NBC. What I said was to look at the possibility of giving 'concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience -- only the best. 20 percent of teachers, a lot would now be able to immediately fire back if a savage sicko came to a school with bad intentions.

Highly trained teachers would also serve as a deterrent to the cowards that do this. Far more assets at much less cost than guards. A 'gun free' school is a magnet bad people. Attacks would end. History shows that a school shooting lasts, on average three minutes. It takes police and first responders approximately five to eight minutes to get to [the] site of the crime. Highly trained, gun adept teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly before police arrive. Great deterrent.

If a potential 'sicko shooter' knows that a school has a large number of very weapons talented teachers (and other) who will be instantly shooting, the sicko will NEVER attack that school. Cowards won't go there. Problem solved. Must be offensive, defense alone won't work. I will be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health. Raise age to 21 and end sale of bump stocks. Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue -- I hope.

What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

Barbra Streisand, Mark Ruffalo, Kumail Nanjiani, Cher and "Kim Possible" producer Robert Schooley are among those in Hollywood ridiculing Trump's proposed solution to gun violence in schools. Take a look at the reaction below.

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