8 Times Twitter Freaked Out During the Oscars: From Seacrest to Mary Poppins to Kobe
Every Oscars Red Carpet Look

Backlash began building before the Oscars even aired on ABC Sunday.

It isn't easy to offend Twitter, but the Oscars outrage started early on Sunday when Ryan Seacrest was still E! News' choice to host its red carpet coverage. And the backlash kept coming when Kobe Bryant won his first Oscar in the #MeToo era with a rape allegation casting a shadow over his work, while those watching the Academy Awards telecast did not appreciate Gael Garcia Bernal's singing voice.

But Twitter freaked out for good reasons, too.

Tiffany Haddish put smiles on people's faces, as usual, while people drooled over Oscars presenters Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer. The first teaser trailer for Disney's "Mary Poppins Returns" also dominated the social media platform for a bit after it debuted during the ceremony.

But before you watch that, take a peek at some of the overwhelmingly negative reaction E! got for sticking with Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest

E!'s top personality, who also executive produces shows including "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," maintains his innocence after a stylist that worked for him accused him of sexual misconduct, but after she came forward with more unsettling details, people weren't exactly in the mood to see him on the Oscars red carpet. He only got two nominees to talk to him, so perhaps Hollywood stars weren't in the mood to see him, either.

Tiffany Haddish

The breakout star of "Girls Trip" was once again one of the best parts of the evening, getting noticed for her traditional Eritrean dress she wore to honor her father, and in typical Haddish fashion, chasing down Meryl Streep on the red carpet.

Michael Strahan

While E! viewers were struggling to stomach Seacrest, ABC viewers were struggling to take Strahan seriously as a red carpet correspondent. They were not impressed with his interviewing skills.

'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'

As much praise as this Oscar-nominated movie got, it was met with just as much criticism, considering one of the main characters was both racist and homophobic. The outrage was amplified when Sam Rockwell, the actor who portrayed said racist and homophobic character, won the Best Supporting Actor trophy.

'Mary Poppins Returns' and People Are Pumped

Emily Blunt takes over the iconic role from Julie Andrews. And while the latter holds a special place in Disney fans' hearts, most of them enthusiastically approved of this sequel.

Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer

The Oscars put two of the best looking people in Hollywood on stage to present an award, and their faces captivated everyone looking at them.

Gael García Bernal Sings

The "Coco" star sang the Best Original Song nominee "Remember Me" and, uh, it didn't go so well in the eyes and ears of many viewers. But on the bright side, the duo behind the song (Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez) did end up winning the Oscar, and the movie itself won the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar.

Kobe Bryant, a Man Accused of Rape, Wins an Oscar

Well, who didn't see this coming? Perhaps many thought the former NBA star wouldn't actually win in the Best Animated Short Film category, and then a lot of people were upset when he did -- but his fans were still stoked for him to be recognized for "Dear Basketball," which he wrote and starred in.

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