All Heartbreaking Celebrity Breakups of 2018 So Far

They had to attend a WWE event together, without anyone knowing they broke up, and it was awkward AF.

Get your tissues ready, because Sunday night's episode of "Total Bellas" was an emotional doozy, finally giving us the heartbreaking moment John Cena and Nikki Bella decided to call off their wedding.

Appropriately titled "What Comes Up, Must Come Down," the episode began right where the show left off last week: When John suggested they called the wedding off after Nikki realized she needs to be a mother.

"For some reason, since Birdie's been born and I've spent a lot of time with Birdie, it's just brought up these feelings of really wanting to be a mom and I thought I could really sacrifice that and I just can't," Nikki had said with tears in her eyes.

"I understand," John responded. "It's not choosing between having a child and having me, it's wanting to have both."

"I'm not sure we should go through with this," he continued. "Because for us to do it and then later on undo it, kinda goes against the principal of everything."

That was just the tip of the emotional iceberg, too. Read on for more tear-jerking moments.

The Breakup

After John suggested that they break it off, Nikki desperately tried to find a way to fix it.

"I’m thinking of getting back into therapy," she told John after he dropped the bomb. "I was doing so well with it when I did the therapy back in the day, I really thought I was okay not being a mom and it’s just been growing in me and I’ve been trying to push it to the side."

"Nicole it shouldn’t be a situation of you trying to push feelings to the side," John replied. "Think of it in a different context I guess, think of it as like, 'I love this person, but I’m trying to push the but to the side.'"

"But I just can’t imagine my life without you John," Nikki said through tears. "I just can’t imagine not getting married and spending the rest of our lives together."

Nikki told John that she wished that she felt differently about kids, but John said that she didn't need to apologize, that it was time that she was "honest" with herself.

"So we really want to call this off? Is that the only way?" Nikki asked. "Yeah," John said, holding back years. "And I think you know it too. I'm sorry, Nicole."

The couple gave each other a final embrace before Cena walked out the door. It truly was a heart-wrenching moment.

"I don’t know it’s supposed to be one of the happiest moments of my life, right? Wedding planning," she told the camera. "And it turned out being like the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through."

A 'Death' in the Family

After John left, Nikki's mom, Kathy, came in to console her daughter, who compared the heartbreak to "going through a death."

"I want to be with him, but I want him to be the father of my kids," Nikki said while pouring her heart out to her mother. She expressed regret for not telling John sooner about her desire for kids, saying, "I feel like I flipped his life upside down."

"I feel so sad and in the same respect so very proud of Nicole for being so open and honest with John," Kathy said in a confessional. "Nicole has spent her entire life pleasing people and protecting people that for her to sit there and go, 'What do I truly want? And is this going to make me lose the person I love that I know I should be with?' So very mature."

"I don't want to see anyone hurt, I just wanted to be a mother to both of them and fix it," she added.

Nikki needed to the break the news to the most important person of her life, her sister Brie Bella.

"Last night, I see about 15 text messages from my sister and instantly I got like knots in my stomach. I'm like, 'This can't be good,'" Brie told the confessional camera the following day. "I start scrolling through her text messages and I'm like, 'Ugh, her and John are calling off the wedding."

During a family heart-to-heart, Nikki explained everything to her sister. "I’m giving John like a few days of space, so it’ll just be nice once we talk, but it’s weird not talking to him," Nikki explained. "I feel such a huge piece is just missing from me. It was just weird like first morning in six years not to talk to him."

Just like Nikki, Brie worries about John as well. "I just don’t want him to be like lonely," she said, while tearing up. "And I don’t want him to like regret not being a dad and that’s what makes me sad because John feels like a brother and I hate thinking in my head that he’s going to be alone, makes me so sad."

"[John] sent me this text last night," Nikki admitted. "And he goes, 'The day you become a mom, I’m going to locate your baby.' He goes, 'I’m expecting to get the first thank you text.' But it’s like I wanted him to be the father of my kids."

But Brie reassured her sister that everything happens for a reason, saying "if you guys are meant to be you'll get back together."

Is Fearless Nikki Back?

After telling her mother and sister the bad news, Nikki had to tell the rest of her family.

"I just feel super confused," Nikki said, during a family dinner. "And I miss [John] more than anything in this world... I wasn't feeling alive anymore. I wasn't feeling like me. I just kind of became a 'yes girl.' I felt like I lost myself."

However, the reality star stressed that it was her relationship with the limelight -- not her relationship with John -- that caused her to feel like she was living two different lives.

"I started to feel like, here's Nikki Bella and here's Nicole," she said. "When I first started being on reality TV and all this stuff, I was me. And then, I was told, 'Don't talk like this. Don't be this.'"

"So Nikki's slogan is 'Fearless Nikki,'" Nikki said in a confessional. "But is Nicole, 'Fearless Nicole?' I have to say for a while, she wasn't until recently and that's once I used my voice, and even though it brought some sadness, but I feel like I'm finally feeling 'Fearless Nicole.'"

Awkward Reunion

After days not speaking, Nikki felt so overwhelmed knowing that she was going to run into John at "Raw." Most of her anxiety stemmed from the fact that pretty much no one knew about her breakup, except for Brie and her husband Brian.

"At this point I feel like I'm living in a fake life," Nikki confessed to the camera. "And I have to act like I'm still with John, but I'm not with John and I'm just dying inside."

We knew their run-in was inevitable, and yes, it was awkward AF. Nikki was frustrated that John hadn't made much contact with her as she had hoped back stage, but John knew it was for the best.

"I'm supposed to stay away from you," John said. "It's taking every fiber of my being not to text or call you. I'm just trying to do the right thing."

They both admitted they missed each other and embraced, with John telling his former betrothed that he checks his phone "a hundred times a day" in hopes she sent him a text message. Ultimately, Nikki couldn't handle the situation.

"It's just, I want to go," she said. "Because I feel like all this pretending is making it harder and I want to get out of this pretend life and take time for me, finally, for myself and really see what I want out of life."

"Total Bellas" airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!

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