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These characters are in serious trouble, and now we have an idea how the hosts will escape the park.

It would be a lie to say that "Westworld" isn't picking up speed and running full steam ahead. On Sunday's episode, there were a few shocking moments that could have been jaw-droppers, but fell short due to some "duh, of course they wouldn't kill off that character" moments.

It also seems like we got a semi-confirmation of one of the bigger theories, and a lot of focus has shifted to one location altogether.

Let's make wild guesses together! Fun!


Three of Our Favorite Characters Need Some Fixin'

We mentioned there were some shocking moments from last night's episode, and what we mean when we say that is:

  • The Man in Black got a bunch of new body-holes.
  • Maeve did too.
  • Oh, and Lawrence.

Sorry Lawrence, but both the MiB and Maeve are really important characters. We didn't really expect them to die outright in this episode, but they came close enough that when they didn't, we kind of groaned. It would have been insanity had they bit the dust.

BUT, that means, how do they get fixed? Maeve (Thandie Newton) is a little more cut-and-dry than Ol' Willy (Ed Harris, AKA the Man in Black), because she's a robot that can be repaired or told to override her bullet hole feelings. The MiB is not, however (unless he is!!), so we wonder if that magic med-gel junk he used on previous wounds will work on his massive trauma this time around.

Will he be found by Maeve's troupe that didn't pop up at all in the episode? His daughter?

Two In One: Semi-Confirmed!

We've been wondering what's going on in Bernard's (Jeffrey Wright) head in the "current" timeline -- we've been guessing it wasn't actually him and skipping around our hunches from Teddy, to Ford, to the real Arnold.

Turns out, Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is just along for the ride, so we were PARTIALLY RIGHT! Once Ford knew that the robots were about to destroy his new digs (the Cradle), it's neat that he decided just to live inside of Bernard's head for the foreseeable future.

Maybe we weren't exactly right, but we were close, and we're still counting it!

WTF Is in the Valley Beyond?

Everyone put a new destination into their GPS: a place called the Valley Beyond. It's a mad dash to reach it as if it's the final goal -- but is it really? What did Ford put there to make everyone want to sprint towards it?

It has to be a trap. For Delos, for the robots, for everyone. A true litmus test for who deserves to be free. Ford does like the play God, right?

Or maybe it's a way out for the murderous Johnny-5's, despite us seeing them all floating around dead in the ocean. Oh, and that reminds us...

How Are the Robots Gonna Get Out of the Park?

We suppose all the hosts could just put on regular clothes and pretend their way out of the park, but even the Chinese government is watching. Maybe there's a more... interesting way out:

Via satellite upload.

Though, unless they knew of a warehouse somewhere, they really wouldn't have bodies waiting for them on the other side, so don't blame us if this one is wrong. But it would account for an ocean full of bodies if all their minds were beamed into space.

Worth Mentioning Again: The "Elite" Soldiers Suck

We can't think of a less tactical group of soldiers that have ever existed, and they even had those cool internet-sensing vests to help them. Most of them ran out into the open, some of them got swept up by hot robots despite their gaping wounds, and all of them died.

Here's an idea: instead of quipping, just shoot Teddy next time. He's less interesting to us as Rambo anyway.

Why Does The Ghost Nation Care About Maeve's Daughter?

Storylines do seem to be still playing out in the park even though all the robots are coming to grips with their own existence, but there is something going on with the Ghost Nation. They don't kill humans, they don't respond to Maeve (though maybe it's just because she doesn't know their language? She figured out Japanese pretty fast, we wonder if their language isn't based on anything she's been programmed with -- it could also mean they're "awake" like Lawrence was, RIP), and they still really want her daughter -- even though her mere existence proves she isn't a human.

Maybe they're taking her as bait for Maeve to find her, then recruit the all powerful witch-robot?

Maybe they there's something inside of the daughter they need? Like a copy of Arnold's dead son? That still doesn't explain why they'd wait to come get her until literally the moment Maeve showed up.

Maybe we'll FINALLY FIND OUT in the next episode?? We know they're important, somehow! We've been blabbering about it all season!

Until then, try and get through the week until Episode 8!

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