Courtney Stodden Sings About Painful Past Amid 'Toxic' Divorce on New Single 'Sixteen' (Exclusive Performance)
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Stodden -- who now goes by the name Ember -- tells TooFab she reinvented herself to avoid becoming another Marilyn Monroe.

Like Taylor Swift before her, the old Courtney Stodden is dead. In her place is Ember, a red-haired singer hoping to break free from her controversial and painful past.

And while she's looking to start over, the now-23-year-old reflected on the move that made her famous -- her marriage to then-51-year-old "Green Mile" star Doug Hutchison when she was just 16 -- on her upcoming single, "Sixteen." The two are now in the middle of a lengthy divorce process.

With darker lyrics like, "Sixteen, drinking, top shelf gets me by ... hide all the pain inside," and "You were that Hollywood star, I was just a girl with my scar," the track isn't exactly a happy one, but one the reality star said she put her all into.

Watch her give an exclusive performance of the track inside TooFab's studio below:

"I put my entirety into the song ... that song is just scratching the surface to be honest," she told TooFab after the performance. "Obviously, it was inspired by my controversial marriage and the age I was and the effect it had on me behind closed doors."

Ember said she did text Hutchison a clip of the song when it was "in the fetus stage" and he responded with, "Wow, that sounds beautiful." As for their relationship now, she said things are "very stressful" as they hammer out their divorce.

"It's a lot. There's a lot of love in that relationship, a lot of toxic energy as well," she explained. "When you're still madly in love with someone, when it's falling apart, it's going to get toxic. We're both trying our hardest to hold onto our sanity during this difficult time. I'm hoping that the pain will heal in a sense."

Looking back at her time with Doug and the media frenzy following their extremely non-traditional marriage, Ember now says the Courtney Stodden we all know never really existed, and she was afraid of joining Marilyn Monroe in the dreaded 27 Club.

"I became famous at a really young age and I think in order to handle that, I became this character, like a Halloween costume if you will, every day," she explained. "I think with the divorce happening, I went through some major soul searching and realized that if I continue down that route I don't think I'm going to make it to 27, to be deep and honest."

"I felt like I had to change my birth name, which is really weird," she continued. "But [I had] to shed that entire image and actually do what my passion is and what I've been doing my entire career since I was a little girl, which is singing."

So, why Ember? "I was getting kind of drunk around a fire and I was like, 'What are those called?'" Her friend said, "Those are embers" and it clicked. "I said, 'Oh my god, I'm Ember, I'm a dying fire.'"

The singer is happy with her transformation, saying it actually feels a lot more "natural" to her than how she was living before. "It felt like, it was almost like the Marilyn Monroe story, how that wasn't her behind closed doors and felt she had to be this to continue her career and I think that ultimately led to potentially her demise and I didn't want that to happen," she explained.

In addition to "Sixteen," she's already released the single "#MeToo," in which shares her experience with the movement of the same name.

"Being so open about that, there are women writing me saying they were raped and how that song is helping them," she said of the reaction to the song. It's her hope that others will be inspired by her music when the album drops on July 8.

Watch her performance of "Sixteen" and full interview above.

Ember will also be hitting the stage in Los Angeles for a set at The Peppermint Club on August 3 -- click here for tickets!