Hollywood Shows Their Support For Families Belong Together March On Social Media
Every Hollywood Star Railing on Trump's 'Zero-Tolerance' Immigration Policy

Stars are taking to their Instagram and Twitter accounts to support the Families Belong Together marches that are taking place across the country.

Across the United States many citizens are taking to the streets to make their voices heard about the migrant family crisis.

Hollywood stars like Alyssa Milano, Laura Dern, and Lin-Manuel Miranda are among many celebrities that are showing their support on social media for the Families Belong Together marches taking place all over the U.S. and beyond Saturday.

The marches are in protest of President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" policy in which agents separated children, even infants, from their parents when they attempted to cross the border.

The president then signed an executive order -- in response to mass uproar -- on June 20th to end family separation and reunite the families-- but said the "zero-tolerance" prosecution policy will continue. There are thousands of children at the border, so how they will be reunited with their families is a big question. Despite the executive order, many citizens and politicians have a suspicion this issue is far from over.

Stars took to their social media -- both Instagram and Twitter -- Friday and Saturday to show their support for the march, urge others to attend, and even posted photos of themselves at certain rallies.

Chrissy Teigen spoke at the Families Belong Together march in Los Angeles. The model stood up on the podium, holding her newborn baby Miles, and talked about how she is proud to be the daughter of an immigrant (her mother is from Thailand.) Her husband, John Legend, also performed.

baby’s first rally. #keepfamiliestogether

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Read on to see how Hollywood is showing their support.

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