How Ariana Grande Plans to Change Her Name After Marrying Pete Davidson
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The singer also reveals how many kids she plans to have, what she wants to be known by professionally, and the true pronunciation of her name.

Ariana Grande plans to legally hyphenate her name to Ariana Grande-Davidson after she and "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson marry.

The singer also narrowed down when the two plan to wed during an interview for Apple Music's Beats 1, but maybe don't ask for those days off work just yet.

When asked if it was going to be "less than five," she said, "Months, more. Years, yes." So there you go. Sometime between five months and five years from now, Grande and Davidson will walk down the aisle.

She was also pushed about kids and how many she might want to have, but there was no hesitation with this answer: "Three." We can't help but wonder if Davidson is on board with that plan.

Oh, and it turns out the name won't be Grande-Davidson the way you're probably saying it in your head. Apparently, we've all been saying it wrong, and that includes Ariana herself.

Grande dropped the new/old pronunciation into the conversation while talking about her grandfather. She kind of fell sideways into the topic after declaring that she wanted to evolve her stage name, too.

"I feel like I'd eventually just be Ariana. Isn't that sick?" she asked. "I feel like it's got a ring to it."

But she quickly reconsidered, saying she wanted to honor her grandfather, who was so proud of the Grande family name. But she pronounced it "gran-dee," rhyming with dandy. "'Gran-dee' was I guess kind of like the Americanized version of it," the singer explained, adding that it was her brother who shifted it back to the original pronunciation everyone now knows, "Grahn-day."

"I grew up saying 'Gran-dee' and I think of my grandpa and I wish I said 'Gran-dee' more," Grande admitted.

While it might be too late for the change to stick with her fanbase, there's no reason she couldn't adopt her grandpa's pronunciation into her private life. It might even help with maintaining some anyonymity when booking hotels and reservations. "Gran-dee"? Oh, that's no one in particular.

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