Hollywood Celebrates Paul Manafort's Guilty Verdict with Nudity and Virtual Dance Parties
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From happy dances to naked dances, here's how Hollywood stars are celebrating Paul Manafort's guilty verdict.

Hollywood stars could not contain their excitement when they heard that Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of tax and bank fraud.

Cher tweeted, "I'm so excited about Paul Manafort's guiltily verdict I could [dance]!!" Kathy Griffin celebrated "topless, naturally." And Elizabeth Banks was "feeling optimistic for the first time in months."

On Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump's former campaign manager was found guilty on five tax fraud charges (which come with three-year jail terms each), one charge of hiding a foreign bank account (which comes with a five-year jail term), and two bank fraud charges (which come with 30-year terms each).

Manafort was found guilty on eight of the 18 charges he was facing, and if the aforementioned verdicts stand, he is looking at spending the rest of this life behind bars. A U.S. District Court judge declared a mistrial on the remaining 10 counts because the jury failed to reach unanimity.

Manafort faced the 18 counts of tax and bank fraud as part of the first case brought to trial by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's wide-ranging probe of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

See how Hollywood stars celebrated the news in the tweets below.

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