'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Revealed

Find out which Houseguests Zingbot called boring, heartless, moronic, crazy, greasy and "a giant douche."

There are lots of different ways to win "Big Brother" from being a competition beast to being the most loved person in the house. This season, it's all about loyalty and psychological warfare.

There's always been a mental aspect to the game of "Big Brother," but JC and Level 6 are taking it to new heights this season. Even more impressively, Level 6 came together as an alliance so early in the game, and their loyalty appears to have never truly faltered. That coordinated effort, with JC's devious help, has allowed them to dominate the game no matter who was in power.

Of course, the real power Wednesday night was in the hands of fan-favorite Zingbot, who returned to roast the Houseguests and host the hide-the-veto/trash-the-house competition. Brett employed a brilliant strategy that left even his own allies in awe and secured his victory and safety for the week.

And just like that, Level 6 and JC had managed to completely destroy the effectiveness of Faysal's HOH. Even Haleigh explaining to him that there is a coordinated alliance working together wasn't enough to make him think targeting an ally is a good idea. The green-eyed monster is an ugly beast, and it can make people do really dumb things.

We're going to run this season like you'd run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren't working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn't work, it's time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let's take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest ... after we check out a new spotlight item in stock.


We also saw Sam give psychological warfare a shot, but she comes at things like trying to use a sledgehammer to disarm a bomb. Rather than try to persuade Faysal to do things the way she wanted him to, she tried to strong-arm him into agreeing to her plan without even thinking it over.

And her plan was already an impossible sell, trying to convince a guy who is clearly playing with his heart and for the girl that he should put Haleigh on the block next to Scottie and watch her leave the house on his watch. Sam really thought she could pull this off, and her strategy was basically to just tell him to do it. Does that work in her real life?


Tyler (even) is sitting pretty atop the heap because he still hasn't made many enemies in the house on a personal level, and many jurors vote emotionally -- bitter juries are the worst! His end-game is going to be key, though, as he has alliances everywhere, so a lot will depend on how he manages his inevitable betrayals.

Brett (even) was ingenious tonight in hiding his veto, but he's been ingenious throughout using his charm and capacity to lie to the benefit of his alliance. Fearless and confident to the point of cocky at times, the drawback is that he ruffles feathers along the way. That could hurt him with some jurors in the end.

Angela (up 1) and Kaycee (up 1) need to start playing this game, or at least playing in a way that others can see. As it stands, Tyler and Brett are much more visible even Zingbot finds this pair boring. They look like lucky floaters attached to the right alliance. That's not going to earn respect or votes in the end.

JC (down 2) needs to figure out what's going on with Level 6 and start working a strategy to survive their numbers at the end of this game. He's proven a brilliant strategist and he's so well-liked, he's also believed. Everyone thinks JC is working with them, but he may need a late comp-win run to make it to the finale, as no one will be confident they can beat him.


Sam (even) may be in a Final 2 with Tyler, but we really don't think he's going to honor it. Even Zingbot thinks Sam is a volatile loose cannon. That said, he's going to have be careful about how he eliminates her, but her usefulness is coming to a close as the numbers dwindle.

Faysal (up 1) is seen as malleable clay that Level 6 can use to do their bidding, and that's exactly what he is. He's basically a number for them, unless they're targeting Haleigh. But she is clearly the brains of that duo, making her the bigger threat.

Haleigh (down 1) should be the next to go after Scottie, as she's clearly the biggest threat on the other side of the house. She's willing to make big moves and she can't be manipulated or swayed as effectively as her allies. Thus, she's of no use to Level 6 still in this game.


Scottie (even) needs a miracle and he's not going to get one. It doesn't matter who Faysal puts here -- because it won't be Haleigh -- because it will be Scottie walking out that door.

Honestly, the game is probably going to get a little boring for a week or two while Level 6 takes care of some general housecleaning. The only way Haleigh and Faysal stay in the game is if they keep winning HOH back and forth, which seems unlikely. Once they're gone, things will pick up again as Level 6 picks off JC and Sam before turning on their own (unless some weird HOH and Veto victories mess that order up).


  • "People say robots are heartless, emotionless and soulless. Did I say robots. I meant Angela." --Zingbot

  • "Haleigh, I have a question for you. What do you call someone who's blonde, blue-eyed and has a crush on Brett? Scottie." --Zingbot

  • "Kaycee, you have all the 'Big Brother' viewers shouting, 'Let's go! To another channel." --Zingbot

  • "Brett, you always seem so fresh and clean, which makes sense because you're a giant douche." --Zingbot

  • "Welcome to 'Big Brother Burger.' May I take your order?"
  • "Yes, I'd like something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp with a side of zits."
  • "Sounds like you want the Tyler." --Zingbot

  • "Fessy, I was surprised to learn you're a part-time teacher considering you're a full-time moron. Every child left behind." --Zingbot

  • "JC, the only thing thicker than your accent is your back hair." --Zingbot

  • "Haleigh, you were so good reading 'Hamlet,' but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your HOH reign." --Zingbot

  • "Sam, you love to tell everyone who real you are. You are real, real f-----g crazy." --Zingbot

  • "Faysal, you big buffoon. I cannot believe you took that bait ... No, I did not vote to keep Rockstar. But, you did put your alliance member up next to me. And guaranteed me a chance to play in the veto. I have outdone myself." --Brett

  • "Fess is either absolutely fantastic at this game on a level I can't understand, or he sucks at this." --Scottie (he sucks at this)

  • "Honesty, we need to keep Scottie. We have no one else. Except JC." --Haleigh (yeah, you don't have JC)

  • "Hey Fess, welcome to 'Big Brother.' On Day 60, you finally decided you want to play and make some alliances. You're a little late to the party." --Tyler (laughing at Faysal's Final 4 alliance proposal)

  • "Heartless, emotionless and soulless. Damn, Angela. She's pretty, though." --Tyler (pondering Zingbot's roast of Angela)

  • "I hide my veto wrapped up in a pair of Sam's pants, because I don't think anyone has the guts to go in Sam's pants." --Tyler

  • "I don't remember there ever being coffee chilling at the bottom of the oven." --Tyler (finding Angela's veto)

  • "Somebody has gone through the effort to take every mattress we have and stuff it in there. I want to investigate, but I can't because there's 19 mattresses in here." --Tyler (discovering Brett's defensive strategy)

  • "You know what wins national championships? Defense." --Brett (after winning veto)

  • "Um, the house is a mess. This is a bunch of ungrateful, spoiled little bitches." --Sam (she got "Psycho" music and everything)

  • "I'll convince Fessy to put Haleigh up. This is exciting. I like playing now." --Sam (if she can pull this off, it would be "fake funeral"-level stuff)

  • "If you put Haleigh up as a replacement nominee, she goes home. Haleigh's always bossing you and sassing you and is she really gonna have your back? God forbid she gets some kind of power, HOH or something like that, she'll throw you up quick fast in a hurry. She's using you as a body double because she can't win these competitions." --Sam
  • "Hoo-wee! I didn't see this one coming, I tell you that." --Faysal
  • "She's looking at you as a tool, and that's not fair. You really gonna give her a free ride so that she can throw you away like some used tissue?"
  • "Oh, that is a curveball Sam." --Faysal (doesn't Sam realize he's playing with his heart and Haleigh has it? This was a terrible argument)

"Big Brother" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 10 p.m. ET

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