'The View' on John McCain's Funeral: Sunny Hostin Says Jared and Ivanka Attending Was 'Shameful'
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The women of "The View" debate whether Donald Trump's daughter should have attended, as Whoopi reveals why she was MIA.

"The View" kicked off Season 22 on a somber note Tuesday morning, as almost all of show's cohosts had attended the funeral of Meghan McCain's father, John McCain, over the weekend.

After introducing new cohost Abby Huntsman, she, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar all talked about the ceremony and Meghan's powerful eulogy, before debating whether Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner should have attended, after Donald Trump was specifically excluded.

"I spoke to Meghan about this. I think the invite came from Lindsey Graham," said Huntsman, a longtime friend of McCain, who is taking some time off to be with family. "Look, I'm sure they had final approval of everything, if they had it their way -- as was evident in the tone of the funeral -- they probably would rather not have had anyone from the Trump family present. They still showed up. I gotta say, there were a number of moments that were awkward, I'm sure for them, sitting there."

Behar thought it was good for them to be there and hear everything being said. "Let them sit there, every single person who spoke had a subtext against Trump," she said, "they had to listen to that, so good."

Hostin, however, was on the complete opposite page. "I thought it was in poor taste that they showed up," she said. "I think that the family was very clear in who they wanted there. I'm not sure why Lindsey Graham extended the invitation." For what it's worth, Graham denied he was responsible and added that, "nobody was at that funeral that did not get invited by the family."

Of Meghan's eulogy, which took aim at Trump, Huntsman said, "Imagine being in her shoes and being that daughter and feeling those emotions of someone speaking about your own dad that way, you would have the same reaction."

"Who crashes a funeral? You just don't do that," Hostin added, incredulously. "I thought it was shameful that they were there. I really do."

Behar said she didn't "100% agree" with Hostin though, saying Ivanka isn't "responsible for the stupid things her father says." Hostin then shot back, "She's an advisor to the president and she does nothing in my opinion. She stands there while he separates families, she stands there while he criticizes people, she stands there when he says all of the racist remarks that he says and she's supposed to be his advisor and now she's representing, in my opinion, her father at the funeral when her own father was not invited to be there."

Huntsman -- whose own father is the U.S. Ambassador to Russia -- said Ivanka "should speak out more than she does," but added that she "would imagine" the First Daughter has tried to "talk some sense" into her father behind closed doors about certain issues.

"It as so moving to see our friend and our colleague rise to that occasion," Hostin said about her cohost's speech. "We all know she's devastated by the passing of her father, but boy, she said during her eulogy, she said John McCain told her show them how tough you are and by god, she showed everyone how tough she is."

Behar said you could feel the patriotism in the room as everyone sang "God Bless America" together during the service, a pride in the country she doesn't think the current administration feels. "I thought this was an incredible moment," she said. "I was there singing 'God Bless America' with Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, George W. Bush -- who I had such criticism of him when he was in office -- but I felt like this man loves this country."

"I don't wanna say anything bad right now because I'm trying to take a high road here, but I don't feel the present administation loves the country the way these people do," Behar added. "This president loves himself more than the country and the people that were there, it was the opposite."

"The message is, we are better than what we are seeing today," Hostin said of the service. "You have people from both sides of the aisles coming together, people who love the country, doing very much what this country is supposed to do, which is talk to each other, be with each other, support each other."

Goldberg also called Meghan's speech "extraordinary," before explaining why she regrettably missed the funeral. "I was not with them on Sunday because my plane didn't work and so it was one of the biggest devastations," she said. John and I, as crazy as this sounds, we were friends. We've been friends since we were little."

"I was so crazed that I missed that," she said, before saying she hopes that with his passing, people begin to "err towards the better parts of ourselves than the worst parts."