'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Revealed

Everything is stacked against Scottie and Haleigh in this game, and even the Power of Veto isn't strong enough to save them.

It's just another quiet week in the Level 6 House ... Wait, that's not right. This is "Big Brother." No, we were right the first time.

Their dominance this season has been nothing short of astonishing, and as we enter the final portion of the competition, it looks like they're poised to sail straight through to the end. The only thing that can stop them at this point, seemingly, is themselves. If they decide to turn on one another, then it's game over for L6.

For now, though, it's business as usual. Tyler has Haleigh and Scottie on the block. He picks his ally Kaycee to play in the Veto competition, and she goes out there and wins her second in a row ("Let's go!"). From there, it's as simple as keeping the nominations the same -- which she does again -- and moving into Thursday night's vote.

Scottie's return to the game was about as effective as everything else the other side of the house. No, we'll give it one thing. It did delay their total domination by one week. But only by one week. Scottie or Haleigh this week, then Sam, then JC and then it's just Level 6 to the end.

_"We're going to run this season like you'd run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren't working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn't work, it's time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let's take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest.__


Tyler (even) is HOH. He's running the game. And he's one of the few players who sees through JC's devious gameplay and knows when it's coming at him. Dude appears to be unstoppable at this point. If L6 figures out how strong he is, though, they could pick him off just shy of the end.

Kaycee (up 1) is beginning to make a case for herself in this game. She's won back-to-back Veto competitions and she has proven incredibly loyal to her Level 6 alliance. From what I've seen from the group, she's probably the most loyal out of all of them, coming from a team sports background.

Angela (down 1) has made her showmance with Tyler official, making them a power duo. The problem, though, is that everyone seems to know this, despite how they try to deny. And one thing people love to do is break up showmances (except those occasional stupid casts that don't do it at all and let them go to the end).

Brett (even) needs to make a move to start building a case for himself. He floated with Angela and Kaycee through most of this game, but now they're actually playing and he seems to still be floating. It might make him a good choice to take to the end as an easy win, but that's not going to help him go home with the $500,000.


Sam (even) is annoying everyone in the house, but she's also a non-entity. She'll be disposed of when they've nothing else to worry about. We have players like this almost every season, who float until the end and then are quietly cut.

JC (even) is in bigger trouble than he realizes, because he believes his Final 2 with Tyler. But Tyler knows what a snake JC can be, and he also knows he's played a very clever and devious game. If JC can argue the effectiveness of his strategy to the jury, he could win, which means he's almost no shot of getting there.


Haleigh (even) and Scottie (up 1) are interchangeable at this point. Neither has a chance in hell of winning unless they find a way to win Veto every week because they will be on the block every week. Whichever one goes home this week, the other will go next. The house wants Scottie gone again, while Tyler wants Haleigh out. But honestly, it doesn't matter. Neither can put up much of a fight alone. We've entered the quiet/boring period of "Big Brother" as Level 6 trims the fat for the showdown to come.


"I did not come back into this house to get booted the same week." --Scottie (yeah, but you still might)

"Scottie, why do we keep losing?" --Haleigh "Well, I know that answer for me. I have a tendency to f--k up." "As do I." (the truth shall set you free ... from the "Big Brother" house)

"I've been controlling who goes up and who goes home, and hopefully I'll continue doing so all the way until the end." --JC (except for that Level 6-sized roadblock coming up straight ahead)

"I cannot wait to get my hands in that hair." --Sam (after Tyler agreed to let her straighten his mane)

"What the f--k?" --Tyler (after he sees it for the first time)

"I don't know why I let Sam do this to me, but I don't know who I am anymore. This is national TV and I look like Joe Dirt and Kid Rock had a baby." --Tyler

"I swear it is not a showmance. I swear." --Tyler (to JC about Angela... you shouldn't swear on a lie) "I'm onto you." --JC (you and everyone else)

"Ooh, Houseguest's Choice. I pick Steve. No? Okay." --Scottie (trying to pick his former ally and the first person evicted)

"Tyler lives in a bush and all he does is beat around it." --Haleigh (frustrated trying to see if she's the target or not)

"Big Brother" airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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