Missy Elliott Surprising Her 'Funky White Sister' on 'Ellen' Is Exactly What You Need to See Today
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Missy also reveals the origin of the most famous lyrics from "Work It."

Mary Halsey received the surprise of a lifetime when Missy Elliott joined her on the stage of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Thursday to perform the rapper's 2002 smash, "Work It."

Over the summer, Mary went viral with a karaoke version of the hip-hop track, and when Missy spotted the footage, she posted the video to social media, calling Mary her "funky white sister."

"It was a shock! I never expected this," Mary told Ellen Thursday. "I put it out there and said, 'I wanna go viral,' but I never thought it would happen.'"

Mary explained to Ellen she's been singing "Work It" at karaoke sessions for the past 15 years, saying, "I learned and I read the words and I studied it, and the reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to song."

Soon after, Mary took the stage. Nailing every lyric and sound effect, Missy's "funky white sister" was busy doing her thing when the legend herself walked out midway through the performance.

Mary's face dropped but she managed to pull herself together to finish the song with her idol. This might just be the most pure video on the internet.

Afterward, the two sat on Ellen's couch to chat. Missy revealed that the mumbled lyrics right after the line, "I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it," are actually that same phrase -- only reversed.

"It was an accident in the studio," she said. "The tape -- the reel -- ended up going backwards. And so, I heard my rap going backwards, and I said, 'Keep it, and I'll make words around that part.' And that's what made me say, 'Flip it and reverse it.'"

Missy later replied to a fan on Twitter, who said they were crying watching the clip. "No, I wanted to cry, too!" Missy tweeted. "Tears of joy. And I thank Ellen for bringing Mary Halsey and I together. My 'funky white sister' Mary is one of the sweetest souls I [have ever] met, and Ellen will always be blessed for making others' dreams come true."

Mary wrote on her Facebook: "My cheeks hurt from smiling!" (We're crying.)

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