'RHOC' Juice: Tamra Completely Loses It on Shannon in Jamaica: 'F--k You!'
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Tamra Judge completely loses her mind on Shannon Beador after the latter threatens Bravo producers.

The ladies of the O.C. are still in Jamaica, and on this week's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," the drama skyrockets when Shannon Beador has a literal meltdown that begins during a group dinner and ends back at the Tres Amigas' penthouse.

But let's backtrack.

Shannon and Vicki Gunvalson showed up to dinner late and admittedly "tipsy," but before the twosome arrived, Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson were discussing Shannon's cold behavior toward everyone who wasn't an OG cast member. Tamra finally began coming around to the idea that she needed to stop defending Shannon's rudeness.

At the table, Shannon made a big announcement about how she was ready to spend the night having fun and drinking. Emily mentioned -- for probably the fourth time -- how she couldn't wait to meet "Fun Shannon," which set Shannon off.

"Shannon is never not fun. Let's just be clear," Shannon said in a stern voice.

"You might wanna ask this one," Tamra jokingly said, pointing at Gina. The conversation quickly took a dark turn, and Shannon found herself desperately trying to defend her behavior toward the newcomers. "Did Tamra tell you I'm not good with change?" she said, adding that she's very busy and needs to allot her time with friends accordingly.

Gina then threw in Shannon's face that she claims to be Tamra's "best friend," yet she never checks in on her in regard to Eddie's health. "So what kind of a good friend are you?" she asked. Shannon's mouth was on the floor.

"Tamra will tell you right now -- I am a very good friend to her," Shannon yelled back at Gina, who calmly replied, "Okay, let's let Tamra tell me."

"Yeah, c'mon, Tamra," Kelly and Vicki chimed in. Tamra was mute for a few seconds, then fumbled over her words and ended with, "Oh, f--k me."

Shannon immediately stormed off, and Tamra followed. The two tried to patch things up in the bathroom -- where Tamra urged her friend to start being more positive -- but the advice fell on deaf ears.

"I love Shannon to death, but the constant negativity and the constant dwelling on things that really don't matter is tiresome to me," Tamra fessed up to Bravo cams. "We all have a hard time when we're getting divorced. We have outbursts. I did! But it's been six months. She can't keep treating people badly because she's getting divorced."

On their way back to their resort, Kelly stopped Shannon to try to explain to her why Tamra felt she was in a one-way relationship with Shannon. Shannon said they had resolved that issue a month ago, but Kelly told her she and Tamra had spoken about it as recently as that day. Tamra was clearly reaching her breaking point with Shannon, and when the group got back to the resort, all hell broke loose.

Shannon got off the bus and said she needed 10 minutes to herself. Bravo cams followed her as she paced outside of the resort. "Stop following me! I swear to God, I will take the mic off!" she shouted at producers.

Tamra tried to intervene, but it turned into a screaming match, so Shannon stormed off once again and went up to her room. After stopping for a drink at the downstairs bar, Tamra, Vicki and Kelly stopped in to see how Shannon was doing. She was hysterical.

Shannon yelled at Tamra for bringing up an issue she thought the two had resolved, then she yelled at Vicki for "turning" on her, then she yelled at Kelly for implying that she needed to be on antidepressants. All three yelled back. It was absolutely insane. At one point, Kelly even worried that Shannon was going to give herself a heart attack.

"STOP SCREAMING FOR ONE F--KING TIME IN YOUR LIFE, AND LISTEN!" Tamra shouted. She had officially snapped. She later told the camera that there had been "months of buildup" leading to her outburst on Shannon. "She wants to bitch and complain all the time but not fix anything!"

The two came head to head once more when Tamra walked back into Vicki's room. Shannon yelled at Tamra for suggesting she needed to be on medication, and Tamra lost it. "F--K YOU. I NEVER SAID THAT! DON'T ACCUSE ME OF SOMETHING I DIDN'T SAY!"

The next day, Shannon refused to leave her room or answer her phone.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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