Seth Meyers Reveals the One Reason He Was 'Shocked' By Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Split
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The late-night host also answers questions about day-drinking with Kelly Clarkson and his one-on-one interview with Kanye West.

Seth Meyers was admittedly "shocked" to hear the news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had called off their whirlwind engagement and romance.

When the "Late Night" host stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Wednesday night, he told Andy Cohen, "I was shocked because I feel like a couple that agrees to buy a pig together has a deep, abiding -- I mean, again, both people in that relationship have to think a pet pig is a good idea. And you would think that means you have a lot in common with somebody."

Meyers actually interviewed Davidson about Piggy Smallz last month right after the then-couple first brought him home. Now, custody remains with Grande.

Meyers also answered an array of fan questions, including whether he was actually wasted that time he went day-drinking with Kelly Clarkson on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." (Please feel free to relive that glorious video below.)

"I drank so much in the two hours we did day-drinking that I said goodbye to her twice," the comedian revealed. "And then after she left, I went to my producer and said, 'I feel terrible! I forgot to say goodbye to her.'"

Another fan asked the comedian, "Is there anyone you expected to be a total dud as an interview, who turned out to be really good?"

"It's hard to answer this question without admitting I thought someone was a total dud," Meyers replied. "I will say this -- it was only my second show, and I didn't think he would be a total dud. Kanye West was a fantastic interview, genuinely, because he -- everybody on talk shows -- I think in the back of their head, they're also thinking, 'Oh, I shouldn't say exactly what I think because this is on television.' And I don't think he thinks that way, so you get a very good, honest interview."

A third caller asked Meyers if he had a favorite joke about President Donald Trump. He replied with a grin on his face.

"Donald Trump says he's a friend of the blacks, but unless the blacks are a family of white people, I bet he's mistaken," Meyers replied laughing.

He was also forced during a game of "Plead the Fifth" to reveal what he thought was the "DILFiest" thing about Trump.

After some contemplation, Meyers replied, "I guess I like the muffining of his belly over his slacks."

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