72 Photos of Trump Looking 'Handsome and Thin and Perfect'

The cast of students brilliantly lampoon the president and first lady in a reimagining of the first Thanksgiving if the Trumps had landed on Plymouth Rock.

Who knew that the story of Thanksgiving could be so much better in the hands of fifth graders and starring President Trump. As it turns out, Jimmy Kimmel knew.

The late-night host assembled a group of kids he said were from Mar-a-lago to perform a very cleverly written skit recasting the first pilgrims to land on Plymouth Rock as the Trump family. And the kid they cast as the Commander-in-Chief was simply spot on.

"We're gonna put the golf course right here, and the hotel right here," he said triumphantly from beneath his ridiculous wig. "It's going to be hyooj!"

And when the Native Americans arrived, he shouted, "Oh no, it's the caravan of immigrants from South America!"

He even nailed the president's cadence, inflection, gestures and accent. It was an uncanny performance, matched almost as strongly by the young lady who took on the role of his tired wife Melania.

On top of top-notch acting, including an adorable narrator who kept things moving, this sketch featured the kind of writing that many sketches on "Saturday Night Live" would kill for. And you could tell the kids were really enjoying playing through it in front of a receptive audience.

"We're Native Americans," announced two kids in construction-paper costumes.

"Well we're American Americans and we were here first," fake Trump shot back.

He and Melania then showed up at the first-ever Thanksgiving dinner with their own traditional dish, a wall of cornbread. And they left Eric and Don Jr. to hunt and kill the turkey, so that went about as well as you might imagine.

Not to worry, because a Thanksgiving miracle was at hand that you'll have to see to believe.

And can we make a request? If we have to listen to Adam Sandler's ridiculous Thanksgiving song every year, can we have some troupe of kids perform this short play, too? It should be a part of every curriculum across the nation.

We dare you to watch the above video and disagree.

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