Sofía Vergara Launches Size-Inclusive $40-Jeans: 'Every Woman From Everywhere Wants to Look Cute'
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"I always think that with good taste, you can create stuff that looks very high end," the "Modern Family" star tells TooFab.

Sofía Vergara is bringing denim back to the forefront of luxury fashion with her new line of affordable jeans.

Sofía Jeans by Sofía Vergara -- which just touched down at -- is just shy of 100 pieces, all of which are under $40. The collection is centered around high-quality denim pants, available in sizes 0 to 20, "so we have a jean for everyone," the Colombian native told TooFab.

When asked if the size-inclusivity of the collection (tops also range from XS to XXXL) was done intentionally, Vergara smiled and said, "Yes, of course!" But she made sure we knew she "wasn't really thinking that deep" about "trying to change the world." She simply wanted to create a great pant for every single body.

"Nowadays, we're all very conscious that women come from different countries, different ethnicities, different sizes. Why not give the opportunity for everyone to have something cute, something that really fits [them] in their size?" she explained. "That was really important for us. That's why we picked materials that not only give a great fit but are also affordable and super cute. We have something for everyone."

But Vergara is more than just the face of the collection; she also has a heavy hand in product designs, material selection, production, distribution and everything in between. Her main focuses, she told TooFab, are material and fit.

"It's super exciting because, I always think that with good taste, you can create stuff that looks very high end and that you're proud of but that the price is very affordable," she said. "Every woman from everywhere wants to look cute."

Regarding her decision to go with denim for an entire collection, the actress told us, "Jeans are a classic staple piece of clothing that everybody has in their closet. You can dress them up, dress them down. If they're comfortable, you can wear them at home. I just think it's important to have a great pair of jeans that you always go to if you have a fun date, if you have even a business meeting! Everybody should build a wardrobe around a great pair of jeans."

Additionally, every pair of Sofía Jeans is "protected" with an evil eye, which has symbolism in almost every country and every religion in the world. A lot of Vergara's "cute T-shirts and flirty tops" feature the design, too, but it's not just because it's aesthetically pleasing. Vergara says she's always sported the evil eye on bracelets, earrings and necklaces because she believes it protects her from "the bad energies." She wanted to put that same love and personalization into her collection.

Vergara also practices what she preaches! She's been rocking her Sofía Jeans on almost every episode of Season 10 of "Modern Family."

"That's how I test many things," she said. "I get the stuff first -- even before they go into real production."

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