'RHONJ' Tea: It's All Sibling Rivalry, Deportation and Vibrators as Teresa's Grilled During Reunion
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Tensions are high as Teresa discusses her husband's situation ... and reveals the name of her vibrator.

Teresa Giudice was put in the hot seat on part two of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 9 reunion -- and it had everything to do with her incarcerated husband, Joe Giudice.

Teresa and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga had been at each other's throats on Wednesday's new hour when Joe Gorga entered the fray. Teresa continued to say she doesn't feel Joe spends enough time with their father and believes Melissa has the power to "control" her husband and make him spend more time with Giacinto. It's been an issue for them all season.

Joe Giudice -- who's currently serving a 41-month prison sentence for fraud -- had an incredibly close relationship with Giacinto, and when Teresa threw that in Joe Gorga's face Wednesday evening, he barked back.

"He was hanging around a lot more, and he did spend a lot more time with my father. He had a lot more time," Joe said of his brother-in-law. "I was trying to build my life. But look at..."

Gorga stopped himself, took a breath and turned his head. Cameras zoomed in on Melissa, whose eyes bulged in anticipation of where her husband was about to take the conversation. "I don't wanna say this in any negative way," Joe continued, "but look at him, and look at me. I was out working, busting my ass trying to build my life -- and he was out playing, enjoying himself. You understand what I'm trying to say, or you don't get it?"

An uncomfortable Teresa silently played with her ponytail, so Andy Cohen stepped in on her behalf. "You're saying Joe Giudice didn't have anything to do and he was just hanging out?" he asked.

"He was hanging out," Joe echoed, shrugging his shoulders. "He had a different life. I busted my ass the hard way, you understand?"

"I think you're being clear," Andy said. "You mean that you were like a legitimate businessman."

Both Joe and Melissa confirmed Andy's interpretation, while Teresa continued to squirm silently in her seat. The conversation continued, and while Melissa assured Andy that the Gorga siblings spend more time with their father than anyone she knows, Joe randomly shouted across the room to his sister, "Are you using that thing in the drawer?! Are you using the rabbit?!"

It clearly cut the tension because Teresa broke a smile for the first time all reunion.

"Is that your little vibrator?" Andy asked the OG Housewife, who bashfully said yes.

"You need to use that a little bit more!" Joe shouted. As a smiling Andy announced they'd be cutting to a commercial break, Teresa yelled, "Its name is Lilo!"

When cameras picked back up, the conversation with Joe Gorga ended, but the topic of Joe Giudice did not. Andy played an emotional video montage of Teresa and Joe's "long and painful journey" from their early days of "RHONJ" to their very public trial for mail, wire and bank fraud. It captured the day Teresa came home from her 12-month stay in federal prison, as well as the day Joe began his "vacation." There was not a dry eye in the room.

"What's it like watching that?" Andy asked.

"It sucks," Teresa replied.

"Does it make you angry?" Andy asked.

"Of course I'm angry with him," Teresa replied. "I went to jail. I went to jail. Like, yeah, of course I'm angry."

Andy -- and Dolores Catania -- commended Teresa for being so forthcoming about her feelings toward Joe regarding the situation, noting that that wasn't always the case. Teresa said everything changed after her mom's death; she feels she was robbed of spending that extra year with her.

"Andy, I have a small family," she explained. "I only have my brother, my mother and my father. And my four daughters. That's it. That's my family. So I'm angry that I came home, and eight months after, I lost my mom."

When Andy asked if the topic was often a point of contention for the Teresa and her husband, she said, "I do throw it in his face when I get mad. I'm like, 'You shouldn't have screwed up.'"

She added, "He has tremendous guilt, but he's very positive, very strong."

Andy carefully brought up the D-word, noting Joe has been ordered to be deported back to Italy immediately after finishing his sentence.

"That means, if that happens, he will go directly from the facility that he's in now to an airplane?" Andy asked. Teresa said she didn't know the "technicalities" of the situation, adding, "I hope I don't have to cross that bridge."

Teresa has since appealed the judge's deportation order, but she told Andy her lawyers have not given her any new information regarding a possibly different outcome for her family.

"You have been so ride-or-die and so devoted to him," Andy said. "And I still am," Teresa maintained.

"If he is deported and goes to Italy, will you go there with him?" he asked.

"I hope that's not a decision I have to make," she replied, "but to pick up my children and just move to another country -- I don't think that would be good for my children. So I mean, no, I probably wouldn't."

Teresa also shut down any dating rumors and said she visits Joe about once a month.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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