Brandi Glanville Is 'So Happy' to See 'RHOBH' Cast Turning on Lisa Vanderpump Over PuppyGate
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She also claims Lisa has "always" hated Kyle Richards and warns the "RHOBH" cast about Vanderpump's fans.

There's no one getting more joy out of the current season of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" than former star of the show Brandi Glanville.

As PuppyGate continues to dominate the new episodes, Lisa Vanderpump's costars are all beginning to turn on her, accusing her of orchestrating the entire scandal in an attempt to make Dorit Kemsley look bad. While Lisa V. continues to vehemently deny the set up, the rest of the cast -- and Brandi -- don't seem convinced.

"It's so crazy and I'm so happy this is finally happening," Glanville said on her "Unfiltered" podcast on Friday. Glanville has always held Vanderpump responsible for her getting axed from the Bravo show, after Brandi accused Lisa of encouraging her to bring tabloids claiming marital trouble for Kyle Richards and Mauricio on a group trip.

She's also claimed Vanderpump set it up so she'd reveal Adrienne Maloof's surrogacy secret while cameras were rolling.

"Lisa Vanderpump is a manipulative person and when I was on the show I did a lot of her dirty work for her," Glanville said Friday. "I finally realized it and I started calling her on her shit and I had no backup, zero, and that got me no job."

"I was let go, but I was told you'll always be a housewife and we want you back part time and make appearances and all that, but I was let go, yes," she added, before teasing she'll pop up again on the show around mid-March.

Regarding PuppyGate, Glanville said "it's just so refreshing to see all of these girls finally figuring it out." She added, "it makes me feel like, thank god, it's about f--king time. I love that Rinna is calling her out, this is a setup, this is what she does. It only took 9 years, 9 seasons, for this to be recognized."

As for why she believes the tide is starting to change now, and not when she was on the reality show, Brandi said Lisa might simply be spreading herself too thin. "I think that Lisa is so busy with everything that she's doing that she is slipping," she said. "Her whole game that's always worked is not working anymore, but the fans will always love her and that's it."

Teddi Mellencamp, who is in the middle of this whole mess, previously told TooFab that she's gotten death threats thanks to PuppyGate and criticized Vanderpump for not doing anything to stop it. Brandi warned that any of the women who speak out against Lisa will feel the wrath of her fans.

"In the court of public opinion, you will not win against Vanderpump on social media," said Glanville. "Her people will let her barbecue a baby and think it's really cute. She can get away with anything and everything, so I just want these women to stay strong. They're going to get a lot of backlash. When it comes to Vanderpump, she can do anything, ride or die fans for her."

She added that she believes Lisa is "trying to take Dorit down for the things she said last season," adding that she doesn't believe Vanderpump would "leave the show, ever." Said Brandi, "there will always be payback with Vanderpump. She doesn't forget anything, she will take you down."

Brandi then went on to draw similarities between PuppyGate and her time on the show.

"All I can think about is the Adrienne Maloof thing, the surrogate thing. Lisa didn't tell me that she had a surrogate, but I got the information from someone that was close to Lisa and Lisa made sure that the conversation came up," claimed Brandi.

"She just wanted to take Adrienne down and she did and Adrienne lost her job," added Glanville, who also expressed regret for her role in that storyline.

Regarding the Kyle Richards' tabloid debacle, she called that "f--ked up" as well. "I was so ride or die and I look back with so many regrets and when I finally got the f--king balls to say something," she added, "I had zero backup and I left the show."

While Vanderpump and Richards were able to smooth things over between them -- for a time, at least -- Glanville alleged Lisa was faking her half of the friendship.

"Her and Kyle, Lisa hates Kyle, she always has and I don't understand it," said Brandi, before claiming Vanderpump only wanted to reconnect with Richards because it's what the viewers wanted to see.

"Your reality is you don't like Kyle and now you're going to go pretend to like her because the audience likes you guys together?" she said. "It's too much to produce those friendships."

"For a long time, I was afraid and I was afraid of a 60 year old woman that was going to do what, ruin my career? Well, that happened," Brandi said near the end of the conversation. As for Vanderpump once claiming Brandi's been "irrelevant" since she left the show, she added, "Honey, I've been working non-stop. Maybe I am relevant, bitch!"

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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