'Vanderpump Rules' Recap: Lala Loses It on 'Snake' Billie Before Attacking 'Bambi-Eyed Bitch' Raquel
How the Cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' Has Changed Since Season 1

"Yes, I think you have a screw loose," Lala tells Raquel before all hell breaks loose.

Lala Kent officially snapped on Monday's episode of "Vanderpump Rules."

Let's take it from the top...

Billie Lee had asked Lisa Vanderpump if she could be in charge of hosting a weekend event at SUR called Brunch with Billie. Seeing as it was a potential for more $$$, LVP said yes -- as long as Billie handled everything.

That included hiring a DJ. Naturally, Billie sought out her friend and enemy of everyone else, James Kennedy. But before accepting the position, James had to ask LVP for permission because he had technically been fired and banned from the establishment after drunkenly calling Katie Maloney fat at Pride.

James had a bit of a meltdown while asking Lisa for permission, but it was nothing compared to the you-know-what storm Lala ended up causing once Brunch with Billie began.

Lala's been on the outs with Billie since their big blowup at Scheana Marie's housewarming party over the whole Girls Night debacle, so Lala asked her if they could step outside to clear the air.

"You sent condolences about my dad passing, and I felt like we really had bonded over a lot of things," Lala said. "I was really blindsided."

Billie said everything changed when she began to question Lala's character.

"Questioning my character is like I'm out to get people," Lala replied. Billie then brought up how Lala called her trash, to which Lala replied, "You acted like trash that day."

"Why do you think you're better than people?" Billie asked.

"That's called confidence," Lala fired back.

Billie maintained that "putting someone down or calling them dumb or making them feel stupid is not confidence."

Lala ended up calling Billie a "snake" and storming off, only to overhear James' girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, say she feels Lala pulls the "dad card" to gain sympathy. Lala's dad had recently died of a heart attack, so by this point, she was seeing red.

It's important to note that Lala and Raquel haven't been on good terms since the start of the season. Lala's always felt Raquel lets James' disrespectful behavior fly and thinks she's "dumb" for refusing to believe James cheats on her. On the flip side, Raquel dislikes Lala because she feels Lala doesn't support her, but Lala doesn't support her for the reasons above.

"Raquel! Why are you saying that I'm volatile and things like that because I'm pulling the dad card?!" Lala shouted at Raquel right in the front walkway of SUR.

Raquel tried to deny it, then said she was simply saying Lala hasn't been taking responsibility for her actions.

"For what?! For what actions?!" she shouted.

"For the way that you spoke to me..." Raquel began to say before Lala interrupted, "No! Be quiet! Be quiet. Let me tell you something. No. 1, yes, I think you have a screw loose. I think that you -- as a woman -- do not sit there and empower other women. It is embarrassing."

When Raquel tried to butt in to ask, "And you do?" Lala shouted, "Be quiet! I'm speaking! I'm speaking. No, I don't empower you because I think you're pathetic. How f--king dare you say I'm using my dad as an excuse?! Shut the f--k up."

Lala got so loud that the whole restaurant -- including James, Scheana, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix -- was staring. "DO NOT EVER F--KING BRING UP MY DAD," Lala screeched as she waved her finger in Raquel's face. "GUESS WHAT? I THOUGHT YOU WERE A F--KING DUMMY BEFORE MY DAD DIED, YOU F--KING BAMBI-EYED BITCH."

Billie walked over to break up the fight, which only prompted another spat. Brittany Cartwright ended up taking Lala over to an empty table to help her cool off while Tom, Ariana and Scheana discussed what they had just witnessed.

"Sitting in the entrance of SUR Lounge just like yelling at f--king Raquel?" Tom said with disgust. "Would Lala get fired for that? No, but James would."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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