Spice Girls Lesbian Bombshell Reportedly Derails Planned World Tour, Nearly Killed UK Leg
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Geri Halliwell staunchly denies Mel B's allegations that they shared a lesbian encounter in the group's heyday, calling the claim "simply not true" and "very hurtful to her family."

The Spice Girls will be performing across the UK, but proposed plans for a world tour have reportedly been scrapped in the wake of the lesbian bombshell that's rocked the group.

The girl group was looking to add dates in America, Australia and Asia, according to the Daily Mail, when the Mel B-Geri Halliwell lesbian brouhaha blew everything up. In fact, the outlet reports the Girls nearly canceled the sold out UK tour as well.

Halliwell was clearly upset by Brown after "Scary" opened up to Piers Morgan about an alleged fling the girls shared during the early days of the group. Then, Brown was upset and "perplexed" that Halliwell not only denied the fling, but went so far as to say it was "simply not true" and "very hurtful to her family."

This left Brown, as she sees it, being made to "look like a liar," which isn't sitting well with her. Meanwhile, Halliwell is reportedly so upset she doesn't even want to be in the same room as Brown. This should make for a contentious and heavily scrutinized tour across the United Kingdom.

Brown has continuously insisted that it was not a "big deal," and appears to be quite perplexed why after two decades it is apparently a very big deal for Halliwell. That said, though, she did seem to have some indication that Halliwell might not take the confession well shortly after she spoke out, telling Morgan, "I have said it now. All done. She's going to kill me."

The bandmates have spoken, per Brown, and Halliwell still insists she is excited about reuniting with the other three girls -- Victoria Beckham will not be on the tour -- for the existing dates. But the Mail reports those 13 shows may only be happening because the Spice Girls are contractually obligated to do them.

Are things that rocky behind closed doors? Could Halliwell quit the group again as she did during their heyday -- with some speculating it was over her relationship with Brown then, too.

The women are reportedly working on patching things up so they can work together on the tour, so there's always hope that a full reconciliation could keep the Spice train going beyond this initial tour.

But if Halliwell is truly upset about Brown's confession -- true or not -- then there may be nothing for it. If it did happen, she is clearly determined to deny it publicly and willing to damage her long relationship with Brown in the process. If it didn't, then she's clearly upset about the allegation and at Brown for making something like that up.

Either way is hugely detrimental to a fundamental relationship within the group. Hopefully they can either patch things up, or be professional enough to still put on a great show for their fans. Especially as this may wind up being the last time the foursome performs together.

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