'Game of Thrones' Cast Rocks the Red Carpet for Final Season Premiere

Is that... Howland Reed? Where's Drogon gone? Why did Jon own up? Will Tormund and Brienne happen now?

Well, that's all folks. It's over. Winter has come and gone.

After a decade, eight seasons, and erm, 1.2million people asking for a do-over, "Game of Thrones" has finally come to an end. We finally know who wins (Bran), who got to sit on the Iron Throne (no-one! Thanks Drogon), and who The Prince That Was Promised really was (Jon Snow, kinda?)

However there were a number of questions that did go unanswered, which fans are this morning painfully mulling over knowing they may never be answered. For example:

Who was on that council?

There were plenty of familiar faces up there, and a few we hadn't seen in a while, including Edmure Tully and the now very tall and quite handsome Sweet-Robin Arryn. But there was also a few randomers who for some reason have not been seen at all throughout eight seasons of war, despite their presumed importance.

One in particular however many are guessing was Howland Reed, the only other person who knew of Jon Snow's true parentage, and thus someone who fans assumed would play a much larger role after that Tower of Joy flashback... which simply never materialized. Since his daughter Meera Reed — who is the real MVP of Westeros having dragged Bran around the entire show and saving him on more than one occasion — didn't get an invite to the council, we can only assume her dad must have.

And who was that Dornish prince? We knew there was a new one thanks to a throwaway line from Varys in an earlier episode — but is he related to the Martells? How did he get his title?

Why wasn't Bronn on the council?

Having delivered on his promise not to kill Tyrion or Jaime, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater was granted Highgarden, making him one of the largest and wealthiest landowners in all of Westeros. So why wasn't he consulted for the election? Granted he had a new job as Master of Coin coming, but his fellow King's Council members Sam Tarly, Brienne and Davos all had a say.

How / why did everyone know Jon killed Dany?

The only person who knew Jon Killed Dany was Jon ... well, and Drogon. But Drogon got the hell out of there after melting the throne (that his mom never even got to sit on!). So why did Jon admit to it? Couldn't he have just said Drogon flipped out and did it? He did have the melted chair as evidence, and it's not like Drogon was going to contradict him. Yes, we know Jon's super-bound by honor and all... but what was the point of his confession?

Where's Drogon off to?

He appeared to be eastbound, so maybe heading back to his birthplace in Essos? The cities Dany worked so hard to free now have a fully grown dragon as a constant threat to contend with, unleashed and under no-one's control, presumably hungry, and certainly ticked off that his mom was killed.

If Jon was so upset at the burning of King's Landing, did he not think unleashing an even angrier dragon would probably result in further city toasting? Is Daario Naharis in for a nasty surprise when he sees Drogon flying back with what he presumes is his former lover on his back?

Was Jon lying about taking the Black?

He agrees to take the Black as a life sentence... but then totally doesn't. He walks in through the front door of Castle Black and straight out the back. He had to agree to the so-called punishment to assuage the Unsullied... who aren't even in Westeros anymore.

And we are to believe these crazed Dothraki and unfaltering Unsullied would just accept a foreign promise of a life sentence for the betrayal and murder of their beloved queen? And why would there even be a Night's Watch? The White Walkers are gone and the Free Folk are chill now... and nobody is rebuilding that wall.

Who knows about Jon's parentage?

And does it even matter any more? Tyrion, Sansa, Bran, Arya, Sam, and Howland Reed (if that is him) all know for sure. Did any of Varys' notes make it off Dragonstone?

Why are the Unsullied going to Naath?

Grey Worm knows Missandei is dead.... right? Is he looking for her sister or something? Is he really going to drag all the Unsullied around the world with him on his wild goose chase?

It was already a bit weird when he promised Missandei before the Battle Of Winterfell that he and the entire army would go to her homeland after the war... as if Dany was going to just let her military wander off. And Grey Worm knows how much it sucks to be a slave, yet treats the rest of the Unsullied like he is their slavemaster! Do they have no opinion on what they want to do, now that they are free?

And what about the Dothraki?

Where did those Dothraki even come from? They all appeared to be killed in the stupidest charge ever against the Night King... but then a handful turned up in the penultimate episode, and by the finale their ranks had swelled yet again.

Are they just going to settle here in Westeros? Where is their allegiance now? Do they even understand the concept of a democratically elected leader?

Why did Sansa demand independence?

She claimed the Northmen no longer wanted to be under the rule of King's Landing... but her brother is now the king? They'd already supported Robert Baratheon, as well as (somewhat reluctantly) Daenerys Targaryen... surely Bran Stark on the melty throne was the best option they'd seen in years? Surely having side by side kingdoms with siblings in power is just asking for trouble? Didn't they see what happened to the Baratheon bros?

Is the Iron Bank's debt repaid?

After paying them off with the gold she got from sacking Highgarden, Cersei was allowed another loan to hire the Golden Company, which proved to be the biggest waste of money since the inflatable dartboard. But presumably that debt still exists — and if so, with whom does it rest? Tyrion is the last remaining Lannister... and speaking of Lannisters — who is now in charge of Casterly Rock?

Was Cersei even pregnant?

She said she was for Jaime, and Euron, but was she at all? Guess we'll never know. Just like we'll never know why on Earth Jaime came back, or left in the first place. And speaking of which...

Will Tormund and Brienne ever hook up?

The one everyone shipped the hardest. Now that Jaime is out of the way, Brimund can happen. One of the spin-offs, maybe?

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