Watch Jessica Chastain React In Horror as She Learns About Sophie Turner's Deceased Sibling and Pets
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"I did have a twin that died in my mum's stomach, and a psychic told me that it was a girl!"

In "Dark Phoenix", Jessica Chastain plays the haunting presence to Sophie Turner's innocent good guy.

But the roles were reversed when both actresses took part in Wired's Autocomplete Interview, with Chastain left horrified by her co-star's tales of a deceased sibling and pets.

The duo, who share an obvious chemistry, bounced with joy as they tackled the usual frothy and badly-grammaticized Googled questions; and while Turner's chirpy delivery didn't waver when discussing her stillborn twin, Chastain's expression certainly did.

"Does Sophie Turner have a sister? No I do not," she replied. "Although I did have a twin that died in my mum's stomach, and a psychic told me that it was a girl! so technically..." she trailed off, as Jessica looked stunned.

The actress got a brief reprieve, until the questions turned to Sophie's pets.

"What breed is Sophie Turner's dog? My first dog that I ever had was a Northern Inuit, who played my direwolf on Game Of Thrones," she revealed, to Jessica's momentary delight. "That was your first dog?" she asked.

"That was my first dog," Sophie replied. "And then we had to put her down."

The revelation that her two new dogs — Alaskan Klee Kais — basically looked like baby versions of her old dog, did nothing to cheer up the gutted Chastain.

Other revelations unearthed in the interview include such facts as: Jessica is not related to Bryce Dallas Howard nor Julia Roberts, despite looking like both; while Sophie Turner is not related to Tina Turner, despite the shared name.

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