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The former WWE Superstars also talk about their top-rated podcast, why they retired from wrestling and why Nikki keeps spoiling "Game of Thrones."

The Bella twins brought all of their competitive fire from the ring to "The Tonight Show" for an epic charades showdown with Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon. Let's just say it was a photo finish and the final results remain contested.

They kept arguing about who actually won even as they joined Fallon on the couch where they talked about the different reasons each of them retired from wrestling, their top-rated podcast and the future of their reality show "Total Bellas."

During the interview, Brie also had to publicly chastise her sister for spoiling "Game of Thrones" for her husband and others ... moments before Nikki started dropping spoilers again!

Right away, Michael knew what was up and was nervous about this game of charades. As the father of twins, he quickly told Jimmy, "They read each other’s minds."

Nevertheless, Jimmy's competitive spirit was up and he was ready to take them down anyway. It's always a lot more fun when everybody really gets into the competitive spirit.

It was all fun and games until the final round, which wound up in an impressively tight finish. The answer was "Game of Thrones," and both Michael and Nikki were giving great clues. The problem was they were too good, and Jimmy and Brie shouted out the name at virtually the same time.

Now, we've listened to the tapes several times now and we have to say that Jimmy started to say the title a mere moment before Brie, so we'd give the point to him and Michael. But he quickly gave it to the twins and they were still arguing over it later in the show.

It made for a perfect segue into how Nikki just blurts out spoilers without even thinking, as she did to Brie's husband Brian Danielson and her own boyfriend, "Dancing with the Stars" pro Artem Chigvintsev. And yet, despite such a grievous offense, Nikki actually tried to defend herself.

"Honestly, I feel like it wasn’t my fault because if you didn’t watch the finale when the finale aired, that’s your fault," she said. Spoiler courtesy is obviously a hugely-debated topic, with Fallon joking that it's a year now. "You can’t talk to each other for a year and then you can talk about it," he said.

The girls got a little snarky talking about their respective retirements, too, with Nikki saying she wishes she'd been given a choice, as she'd intended to return.

"I herniated the disc above where I had surgery, I have all this inflammation around the metal and then I have a cyst on my brain. So they were like, you’re done, no more. You’re out," she said. "So I didn’t get a choice."

"Well, I gave birth, so--" Brie shot back.

But the ladies have continued to enjoy success outside of the ring, stunning themselves that The Bellas Podcast has taken Apple by storm, emerging at number one.

They never expected it, but one of the reasons it appealed to them is that it wasn't censored nor was it driven by ratings, as "Total Bellas" was. So does that mean they're done with TV?

When Fallon asked if they were coming back to their hit reality show, Brie said, "We actually are."

"We got picked up!" Nikki added excitedly, immediately getting chastised for spoiling that, too.

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