Andy Cohen Wanted to Lose His Virginity to Jenny McCarthy
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"I am a gold star gay. I've never been with a woman," the "WWHL" host explained.

Andy Cohen may be a "gold star gay," but the late-night host says there's one female celebrity he considered having sex with.

While appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show" Thursday, the Bravo star admitted he thought about sleeping with a woman for the first when he turned 40 (he's now 51).

The whole conversation began when Wendy asked if he's a "purist". Cohen replied, "I am a gold star gay. I've never been with a woman."

"I have been gay since I started... I remember going to the tennis club with my dad," he continued. "I'd be in the locker room and I was like 'Why am I so interested in being in the locker room with my dad?'"

Williams asked if there were ever moments when he was out with his "beautiful friends" if he considered possibly sleeping with a woman.

"I wanted to before I turned 40," Cohen admitted. "I was like I got to lose my virginity to a woman here."

Williams then prodded further and asked Cohen what his "type" of woman would be. And the "Watch What Happens Live" host had a very certain someone in mind.

"It used to be, you know I used to think Jenny McCarthy would take my virginity," he joked. "It was a moment. I like a busty blonde."

Cohen then quipped, "Well, Wendy you're a busty blonde actually."

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