Cuba Gooding Jr's Attorney Starts #NotMe Movement
Every Dude in Hollywood Who's Been Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The "falsely accused and unfairly prosecuted" now have their own hashtag.

Cuba Gooding Jr's lawyer has launched a #NotMe movement after a judge refused to dismiss the sexual abuse case against the actor.

In the wake of the globe-shifting #MeToo movement, which has helped highlight the countless victims of rape and sexual assault, Mark Heller announced on Wednesday that something similar was needed for the falsely accused, too.

"After fifty years of defending innocent, falsely accused and unfairly prosecuted defendants, I am igniting the 'Not Me Movement' (#NotMe)" he told Page Six.

On Tuesday Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Phyllis Chu denied the motion to drop the misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree charges against the "Jerry Maguire" star, who was accused of groping a female fan's breast in a New York bar in June.

"The court finds the defendant has failed to meet his burden of setting forth compelling reasons to warrant dismissal," she wrote in her judgement.

Video surveillance from the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar appears to show Cuba reaching across his girlfriend Claudine De Niro — who was sitting between him and the alleged victim — to place a hand on her thigh, before bringing it up towards her chest.

Cuba strongly denies the claims. Heller said Cuba admitted putting his hand on her lap as a cordial gesture, but was reaching for her hand to kiss it, again as a "friendly gesture".

He was arrested on June 13 after handing himself over to police.

"I am totally confident that when a jury of Cuba Gooding Jr's peers assess all of the exculpatory evidence in this case, that he will be totally exonerated," Heller said. "His case will be a hallmark example for the #NotMe Movement."

Heller's previous celeb clients include Jon Gosselin, as well as both Lindsay and Dina Lohan.

As of Thursday morning, there have been zero #NotMe stories reported on Twitter.

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