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Kaitlynn stresses about getting pregnant, while Brody would like to wait.

Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter are still very much together on "The Hills: New Beginnings," but the cracks are already starting to show in the relationship.

In a preview clip from Monday's all new episode of the MTV reality show -- filmed months before their split -- Carter admits the two are "on different pages" when it comes to having children. As she made clear earlier in the season, she wants kids ASAP, while he'd like to ride out his late nights DJing a bit longer.

The new footage shows the couple meeting with an OBGYN to go over their options.

"Brody and I got married in June. I turned 30, so we're just kind of at this point in our life where we're starting to talk about having kids," says Kaitlynn to the doc. "I think part of it is I'm a little bit stressed with getting older with what it will be like realistically if we wait longer to have kids."

Brody then says he "wouldn't mind waiting" to have children, "because we did just get married."

In a confessional, Carter confesses she believes the two "are on different pages," adding, "I think he wants to have babies eventually. He always tells me that he thinks within the next year things will be a little bit better. How many years are we going to say this? There's never going to be the perfect time to have kids, but I want to have them, so why not now?"

After the doctor tells them they could consider freezing eggs or embryos, the OBGYN adds, "You just got married, so you shouldn't feel compelled to have a baby right now."

Brody agrees, but Carter still worries that, at 30, she's "passed the time" to get pregnant. The doctor, however, assures her "you're not old."

Jenner's reluctance to have children was part of the reason behind their separation, according to TMZ. Carter reportedly wanted "a baby and a legal marriage" and wasn't getting either from Jenner. That wedding in Indonesia? It was never official.

"The Hills: New Beginnings" airs Mondays on MTV.