Kelly Clarkson Plays Never Have I Ever -- Talks Dating Justin Guarini and Backstage Horror Story
37 of the Most Memorable 'American Idol' Contestants: Then & Now

Clarkson makes it clear that it's not all glamour behind the scenes.

Following Kelly Clarkson's big "American Idol" reunion on her show Thursday, she spilled even more dirt from her reality TV days in the best way possible: with a good old game of Never Have I Ever.

In the segment, shared as a digital exclusive on her talk show's official YouTube page, the singer spilled quite a bit about herself as she talked about wardrobe malfunctions, food poisoning and more TMI intel.

Here are some of the more revealing, hilarious or shocking responses:

Never have I ever dated an "Idol" contestant...

Kelly set the record straight on whether her whirlwind romance with runner-up Justin Guarini actually happened. Turns out it did, but not when they were actually on the show OR when they were filming their rom-com musical "From Justin To Kelly," but sometime in between.

"It was more because we were, like, shoved together, because we were the top two that season and we were doing all this press together and it was a big, huge experience for two kids that had no idea that all that was going to happen," Kelly said about the short-lived romance. "But yeah, he's my buddy -- he just did 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' and he’s doing well, but yeah, we dated for a second."

Ah, young love!

Never have I ever been recognized in public and said it wasn't me...

Even with one of the most recognizable faces in pop music today, Kelly can't escape confused stans. She recounted one experience where someone thought Kelly wasn't who she said she was, then DID believe her, and then didn't again ... culminating in an extremely awkward exchange.

"It happens all the time, it's super fun. And it's usually pretty flattering because usually I have no hair and makeup on and I'm in, like, Target or something...I get it, it looks different, move past this," she said.

Never have I had a wardrobe malfunction on American Idol...

More proof that Kelly deserves every single good thing that's come her way: she managed to keep it together while performing front of an audience (and Simon Cowell!) even when a fake eyelash was dangling in her eyeball.

"It was the first time that anybody ever actually saw me on the show," she recalled. "It was the lives, and it was the Top 10 and I was singing 'Respect,' I think, and the lash came off."

"It looked like I was winking at America. Maybe that's how I got the votes, I was just winking the whole time," she added. "It worked, didn't it?"

Never have I ever had something I ate interfere with my performance...

While Kelly never had to deal with any catering crises on "American Idol," she's definitely had to power through some unfortunate circumstances while on the road.

"This last tour was pretty great. Everyone was screaming, like, 'Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,' and I was like, 'If you only knew what was happening behind this's not pretty.' Food poisoning is no bueno."

"But the show must go on! So, I did. And you just exit the stage, and you come back on, and you're like, 'I'm so sorry, I had to pee,'" she continued. "It was not pee. That was definitely not a Number 1 scenario. But you're on tour, and you get food poisoning, and catering doesn't always work out."

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Kelly!

Never have I ever cried from something Simon Cowell said...

Simon knows talent when he sees it! Kelly never got the dressing down that most contestants on "American Idol" inevitably do, but that doesn't mean she wasn't anxious about it every time she stepped onstage.

"I was expecting it, because it hadn't been my turn yet. And every time, he was nice, which freaks you out more," she revealed. "But it turns out, he's just nice to me and he's supportive, so yay! I impressed the Brit!"

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