Miley Cyrus Caught Kissing and Making Out with Cody Simpson and Twitter Is Not Here For It
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Two different eyewitnesses report seeing Miley and Cody kissing and/or making out during casual outings in LA ... and the internet does not appear to be here for this!

UPDATE at 3:30pm PT on October 4, 2019: Miley has reacted to her makeout session going viral. In her Instagram Stories she shared a shirtless photo of Cody and captioned it, "22, Australian (my type), Abs #HotGirl Fall." She also posted the video of their kiss, writing, "Can a girl not get a f--king acai bowl and a morning make out session in peace?!?!"

UPDATE at 7:50am PT on October 3, 2019: TMZ has acquired exclusive and definitive video of Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson most definitely kissing during their time in Backyard Bowls on Thursday, and it was more than just a one-off peck.

The pair were reportedly embroiled in a rather intense conversation before that same intensity carried into another activity, as Miley moved over to sit on Cody's lap and before long the pair were making out pretty hot and heavy.

It looks like in this case, the rumors were true and there is something going on here between these two long-time friends.

Original story below:

Is Miley Cyrus moving on, or just having fun and hanging out with long-time close friend Cody Simpson? Let the internet speculation begin after reports the two were spotted together sharing a "quick kiss" in a grocery store.

Now, this could be the kind of peck that close friends might share; Miley and Cody have been friends since 2015, bonding over their shared experiences as kids growing up in the spotlight. Cody blew up in his native Australia when he was barely a teenager, before achieving crossover success in the US just a few years later. Miley, meanwhile ... well, don't we all know her story by now?

The real question is whether or not her story now includes the kindling of a romantic connection with Cody after all those years of friendship? According to E! News, an eyewitness reported spotting the pair darting into a Los Angeles grocery store (for drinks and sushi -- details matter!) where they shared a "quick kiss" before beating a hasty retreat when they "noticed people seeing them so they tried to rush out of there."

Hollywood Life added to this sordid saga of two friends darting in and out of various stores in Los Angeles by touching base with Ashleigh, a woman who posted to Twitter that she saw Miley and Cody in a smoothie place.

"Whilst Cody was standing, they were kissing, they sat down and were talking for a moment and Miley got up and sat on his lap and started making out with him," Ashleigh told the outlet. "And then they left together." She also shared video of Miley and Cody together, though it wasn't immediately clear the identity of the man in the picture.

And that doesn't sound like a couple concerned about being noticed by people or rushing anywhere, as the source says they lingered inside the place for about 15 minutes. So which story is accurate? Are they both, and it's just the interpretation of the E! witnesses as to how Miley and Cody felt about being noticed? Or an exaggeration of time and behavior by the second, perhaps?

Over at The Daily Mail, they were able to confirm some of Ashleigh's story, comparing Ashleigh's video footage of Miley eating lunch with a man at Backyard Bowls with a later image posted by Cody Simpson to his Instagram and Instagram Stories where he appeared to be wearing the same clothes as the man in the clip. There was, however, no making out in evidence.

So thus far it's seemingly been confirmed that Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson were together on Thursday and perhaps even shared lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles. And there have been multiple reports like these of the two spending time together publicly for food and drink recently ... as people do.

And while there are those on social media who are stunned or flummoxed or jumping to the conclusion that they're already a couple, there are plenty of voices of caution trying to remind them that Miley and Cody have been friends for years and that sometimes it's possible for friends to just spend time together; especially after one has gone through a breakup as Miley has recently with Kaitlynn Carter (and Liam Hemsworth before that).

It's called being there and it doesn't have to be romantic or sexual. Or maybe it's exactly as some people are seeing it; a nascent relationship. Either way, most fans on social media appear to not be here for this development at all!

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