Stassi Schroeder Is 'Too Busy' to Have Sex with Fiance Beau Clark
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The "Vanderpump Rules" star is giving little hope to those looking to tie the knot.

Stassi Schroeder and her fiancé of three months are already "too busy" to have sex.

The "Vanderpump Rules" star and her sweet beau, Beau Clark, got engaged in July -- and when asked how her relationship has changed since then, the reality star gave little hope to those looking to tie the knot.

"We hook up a lot less 'cause we're so busy," Schroeder said on a recent episode of her "Straight Up with Stassi" podcast. "I've realized that we're so busy working together 'cause we're doing the podcast tour and planning a wedding and then just in between still filming 'Vanderpump Rules' and having shoots and things that we need to do. I'm like, 'Oh my God, like we barely hook up. I'm so sorry!'"

"That's like the negative that's come from it," she went on. "The positive is that I feel like there's an extra layer of safety. Like, when we do get in an argument, it's not like it ever felt like the end of the world, but [now] it feels like, 'Okay, whatever.' It doesn't even matter because we're getting married, so who gives a shit?"

When it comes to their big day, Stassi doesn't think she'll have any problem saying no to people who mistakenly think they're owed an invite. In fact, if you haven't had a "serious" relationship with the reality star in the last year, chances are, you're not headed to Rome, Italy, for the romantic nuptials.

"I have been mentally preparing myself since this ring got on my finger, and I'm using it as an opportunity to cut the fat out of my life," Schroeder explained. "I'm sorry, but this day isn't about anyone else but me and Beau, and if somebody questions why or why not they're invited to something, I'm just sorry, it is how it is. I really am going to have the thickest skin because I'm not gonna be at any of my wedding events feeling uncomfortable with someone or feeling like any sort of tension. I don't want any of that."

"And if I haven't gone to lunch with you, or you haven't been a part of my life in a serious way for like the last six months to a year then you kind of don't deserve to be a part of the biggest moment," she added. "Sorry. And it's like expensive! Sometimes, you just have to say, 'Tough shit.'"

A wedding is even pricier when the bride and groom pay for it themselves, a decision Stassi and Beau have already made, and one that's actually helped pushy family members stay out of the couple's "business."

"The thing is, I'm talking a big game right now, but listen, these people that aren't invited to certain things, they don't know yet!" she confessed. "So I haven't actually been put in the position yet to tell someone no to their face... So I'm just gonna have to put on my big-girl pants and just be like, 'Sorry, this is what it is. I'm having an intimate situation, and no.' But oh God, that's gonna suck. It's really gonna suck."

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