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Learn important in-flight instructions, like what Awkwafina's video for "My Vag" has to do with any of this and why you should always be wary of SantaCon.

Maybe more people would feel inclined to tune in and pay attention to the flight attendants during their important safety demonstrations if they were performed by Jon Hamm, Keri Russell and Jimmy Fallon.

The actors joined the "Tonight Show" host for the latest round of Mad Lib Theater, which saw them applying their twisted minds to these very important instructions to ensure the safety of all passengers.

While most of the fun is usually to be had when the guests and Jimmy get into their costumes to perform the skit they've created by listing off random words and phrases, this round was particularly enjoyable because of just how silly Jon and Keri were with their choices.

Jon, in particular, went all out when Jimmy asked him to name off the last thing he watched on his phone. Not content to simply ramble off something innocuous like cat videos, Jon actually pulled out his phone to find out what it really was, and the answer was better than anyone could have anticipated.

"Oh, it was Awkwafina's video for 'My Vag,'" he revealed, showing his phone to Jimmy and Keri as proof. You just know that answer worked its way into the sketch as the on-flight entertainment, and Jimmy and Keri could not keep it together as Jon read his way through that line.

Even better, Jon proved why he's always been one of the best hosts on "Saturday Night Live," because he affected a character for his performance, complete with a gently Southern accent, and never dropped character throughout.

He and Jimmy slipped in plenty of ad-libs along the way, too, leaving us wondering how the extras in the scene were able to keep so still ... maybe they were laughing without moving.

Jon also revealed his childhood dream, "to be in Star Wars when I grow up," before sharing a very long and brilliantly subversive stare with Keri. Her answer for dream now? "To be in Star Wars."

Keri gave as good as she got during that question-and-answer portion, too, when Jimmy asked her to reveal the best pick-up line. We're trying really hard not to read anything into her answer, because she even confirmed that he really wanted it before saying quite candidly, "Wanna f--k."

They had to clean that up for the actual skit, but it's worth checking out to see how they incorporated all of these ridiculous answers -- including a terrifying bird sound effect, SantaCon, dirty underwear, and the phrase "It's mariachi night" -- into their presentation.

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