23 Reality Stars Who Died Too Soon

Things not to say on "The Bachelor" or really anywhere: "I'm everything."

After a wild week of hurt feelings and angry sadness, Peter Weber quickly whittled the remaining contestants down to six in a special Wednesday night edition of "The Bachelor."

Along the way, he managed to dump a former front-runner in the middle of a date, which left her so angry he was literally chasing her down to the car after she rejected his offer to walk her out. If she'd have been crying, he might have thrown a rose after her; seems to be an instinct at this point.

Victoria P did everything she could to recover from getting called out for lying about having known Alayah prior to the show, telling Peter.

"The only thing we can do now is move forward and focus on what's in front of us, and I want you to know that when I look at you, I see someone that I want to fight for, and I just want to feel good about us," she tried. "And I want to feel that you want the same things that I do in the future."

Unfortunately, just as she couldn't redirect the conversation away from her having lied, Victoria P wasn't able to distract Peter away from his truth which was quite simply, yeah, I'm not feeling this.

"I don't know if I see you as my wife," he finally told her bluntly, which set her off.

Maybe it was to protect her broken heart, or pride, or embarrassment, but Victoria opted for anger after realizing things weren't going to go her way on this one. When he tried to tell her this was painful for him, too, she shot back, "I don't want you to be concerned about my feelings, because I'm okay."

And when he apologized, she snapped, "No, you don't apologize to me," and immediately started calling for a car to get the hell out of there.

Hannah Ann made more enemies when she scored her second one-on-one date with Peter before Mykenna, Natasha and Tammy had gotten their first. Victoria F then landed a second one-on-one, where she temporarily freaked out over Peter dating other woman (this cracks us up every time this issue comes up -- what show did you sign up for?) and somehow got a rose for saying she wasn't sure she was feeling him.

The whole thing left Mykenna ready to walk. Honestly, She might have saved herself a little trouble if she did, because when she later tried to say she was having the time of her life, Tammy called her out on it.

Mykenna handled it as any rational and reasonable young woman would by yelling and screaming and storming out, which is the universal signal in any argument that you're right and you win. Winners always storm out. Everybody knows that!

We're not gonna lie, the night turned savage for these women, though, as Peter then gathered them for a two-on-one date and heard out both sides of the argument. Mykenna said Tammy was "twisting things" to make Mykenna look bad, and herself look better. But while stepping on other people to elevate oneself is a tried-and-true method of advancement in the work place, it didn't work out too well here. Peter quickly gave Tammy the boot, and then just in case she was right, he let Mykenna go, too.

Controversial contestant Sydney also fell just short of a rose, which might be Peter and "The Bachelor" producers' ways of trying to shed most of the drama of the season in one fell swoop. What a contentious and vicious group these women have been so far.

Can Hannah Ann, Victoria F, Madison, Natasha, Kelley and Kelsey keep things smooth sailing to the finale? Fans aren't quite sold on Hannah Ann yet, but are just about ready to hand the season to Madison, rejoicing that she actually got some screen-time this week, and stayed out of all the nonsense again. They're less enthused about Hannah Ann, who suffers some credibility issues, but still think she'll be Top 2 ... but is she Jed Wyatt material?

Shockingly, all the nastiness was even a bit much for Bachelor Nation this season, which speaks volumes! After two nights and more than four hours of "The Bachelor" this week, fans are definitely still processing all the madness that just unfolded. And looking at this group of women, wondering if maybe Hannah Brown should come back as "The Bachelorette" after all.

Check out some of the highlights and lowlights below (including being ready to just give it to Madison now and end all of our collective suffering):

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