Ozzy Osbourne in 'Unbelievable Pain 24/7,' Has Known About Parkinson's Diagnosis Since 2003
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The 71-year-old singer says his biggest issue is crippling nerve damage and that despite painkillers, there is never any relief.

While Ozzy Osbourne stunned the music world with the revelation that he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, he said that it's not what people think. Most people think of the types of symptoms Michael J. Fox has, but Ozzy's case is different.

"It's not a death sentence," he explained in an interview with Radio.com. "It's a mild form of Parkinson's at the moment. I'm not shaking."

"The doctor told me that I probably walk by ten people a day who have got it and don't even know they've got it," he continued. "You don't get a pimple on your forehead, you just start walking a bit funny I suppose."

Saying it's not "mainstream Parkinson's" like Fox has, Ozzy says he has "a thing called PRKN 2," and he was actually first diagnosed with it back in 2003. It was only because of the series of injuries he endured over the past year or so that he opted to come clean about all of his health issues.

But now, he's seeking to clarify some misconceptions people have had about his Parkinson's diagnosis. He also clarified that he has not cancelled his current tour, but merely delayed it. "I cannot go out on the road until I'm 100 percent confident that I can pull it off, because if I go out now and I can't carry on, people are gonna think I've lost the plot, you know," he said.

The decision came so he can seek treatment in Switzerland in the spring, but even that has nothing to do with his Parkinson's diagnosis. In fact, he says that's not even his biggest concern. "If I had a choice between the Parkinson's and the f--king neck, I'd go for the Parkinson's," Ozzy told The Sun. "I've been laid up for a year now."

The real problem for Ozzy is an aggravated neck injury from a fall he sustained New Year's Eve 2018. Surgery on his neck from that fall triggered prior nerve damage from a horrific ATV accident he survived back in 2003. Now he says he is in "unbelievable pain 24/7" and even prescribed painkillers aren't offering any relief.

Because of his past with drug abuse, though, Ozzy says he's "dying for all the opiate stuff I can't have" and that nurses have control over his medicine so he won't be at risk of self-medicating. All of this is what will be taking him to Switzerland for six to eight weeks for a round of treatment to try and alleviate some of his suffering.

And then, it's back on the road! While he's had to cancel the North American leg of his tour, he's still slated to pick up the story on October 23 in Newcastle, England for the European leg.

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