Teen Mom's Maci Bookout on How Her Co-Parenting Is Affected by Coronavirus (Exclusive)
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"We're trying to just count our blessings."

"Teen Mom" fans have watched Maci Bookout’s struggles to co-parent with her eldest son's father, Ryan Edwards, for the last decade. And while the family has been practicing social-distancing, things have not changed for Bentley and his relationship with paternal grandparents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

"He was able to go over to Jen and Larry's for a couple days about a week ago, or less than a week ago," Maci told TooFab. "They have FaceTime and stuff. So they definitely still through technology see each other often."

Being home full-time with three kids, Maci and her husband Taylor have had to get creative to keep their little ones entertained while being stuck at home. While they have been producing some hilarious family videos, including a music video and a treasure hunt, it certainly has not been easy.

"We're doing pretty good. Definitely could be worse," the Teen Mom star said. "We're trying to just count our blessings and not get into any sort of funk. I mean, we’re on the brink of going stir crazy, but at the same time, it's like I said, it could be way worse. The kids are having a blast!"

With three kids, Bentley, 11, Jayde, 4, and Maverick, 3, Maci has also had to step into the role of teacher while social distancing.

"[Bentley's] a pretty decent student, but I'll be honest, teachers need a raise man. Cause, I mean, Bentley's a pretty good kid, so even like the hard parts I'd say are still fairly easy. I can't imagine doing it with like 20 of them in one class. I would go crazy. So shout out to the teachers cause this is intense," she said.

Though Bentley is old enough to understand what is going on right now, Maci said the little ones "are just wondering why they can't go to the jump park." But with all the uncertainty she and her family are "just waiting it out."

"We don't know really what's going on, you know. Who has it? Or who's been exposed? We're still, as far as where we live is concerned, testing is taking a really long time for results to get back. So more or less we're all just kind of playing it safe right now."

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