JLo vs Kendall -- Who wore it better?
Who wore it better?



Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. -Robert H. Schuller

8 days ago


We worked our butts off on this movie. I cannot wait for y'all to see what we did. I'm just so proud. A film and... https://t.co/DH8hzt1NBj

8 days ago


Happy pretty little liars day 💁🏼#pll #PLLProposal who do you think it's gonna be???

8 days ago


Going to break my @Comic_Con cherry this Friday. Who's going to be there? What should I geek out on? @ScreamQueens

8 days ago


I like to hold the work of kid actors to the same standards as adult actors, and Ruby Barnhill was truly excellent in The BFG. @BFGMovie

12 days ago


Heart breaks for the families in Nice. Can't make sense of these cowardly acts. Gotta hold onto faith that we'll get better. #StayStrong

12 days ago


Big thanks to Academy. Amazing feeling to be acknowledged by peers! #BestActor #EmmyNominations! #RayDonovan #Emmys https://t.co/hC6UVGFtmC

13 days ago


jus on ft with me mam and twitter pops up telling me i've been nominated for an emmy. Wtfahhahhaahhelpme

13 days ago


I'm so overwhelmed with happiness right now. I never would have imagined this was possible. Win or lose this is for you Jimmy Mac #Emmys

13 days ago


Such an honor! Congratulations to the other nominees!! Thank you so so much❤️ #ModernFamily https://t.co/4UqY1Y7AJ0

13 days ago


Happy birthday to my incredible mom! Hope it's an amazing day wish we were together to celebrate.

14 days ago


Also how did I become the uncool person who doesn't know the cool new apps?

14 days ago


Am I really about to take a REAL shower after a 7 day road trip? I'm kinda sad about this but happy I won't smell like fish anymore. 😂

15 days ago


It's not enough to just want change. We have to be proactive to create the change. #MondayMotivation

16 days ago


When you truly believe in what you are doing, it shows. And it pays. Winners in life are those who are excited about where they're going.😎

16 days ago


I may have just finished lint rolling my face. Goodnight. (to be fair it's the best way to get glitter off)

16 days ago


Good night don't ever settle ❤️💤💤💤💤

16 days ago


This tweet is just a humblebrag that I can spell “cantaloupe.”

17 days ago


"I've been watching news, and seeing all this hate, tell me is it wrong to want a little change" #Handshttps://t.co/z79p7iWyac

18 days ago


Praying and sending my deepest condolences for those lost loved ones in Dallas. We ALL need PEACE.

19 days ago