Trevor Noah channeled his inner Johnny Cash Thursday night to sing an ode to President Donald Trump, whose ratings are at a "record high" - if you count the right people.

"If you don't count most people, Donald Trump's ratings are at a record high," the "Daily Show" host said in the segment (above). "The reason people really like Trump is simple. He's not trying to be the president of everybody. Trump ran to represent one group: the forgotten men and women of America. That’s right. Trump and his people will not forget you -- unless you're a Russian ambassador. Then, that never happened."

The late-night host then pulled off a stellar Johnny Cash impression and sang "The Forgotten Man," which detailed Trump's moves to deconstruct everything that President Obama worked for over the last eight years.

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Noah also joked in a later segment (below) about a late-night congressional session featuring a Republican representative from Missouri who entered Jaden Smith territory with extremely "deep thoughts" on taxes, ice cream and the sun.

"Who is this guy?" Noah said. "You know what, I think we need to get this guy into the same room as Jaden Smith."

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