Trevor Noah and "The Daily Show" correspondents have something special up their sleeves in honor of NCAA's "March Madness" tournament: "Third Month Mania."

Dedicated to the third month of Donald Trump's presidency, the contest is designed to identify his "greatest" tweet. Similar to the bracket system structure of the NCAA, the "Daily Show" staff divided Trump's tweets into four categories: "WTF," "Celebs," "Enemies" and "Gov't Affairs."

"This time, the popular vote actually matters," correspondent Hasan Minaj said during Monday night's episode.

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See the contenders below and continue reading for more story:


0314_noah_inset_1Comedy Central


0314_noah_inset_2Comedy Central


0314_noah_inset_3Comedy Central

Gov't Affairs

0314_noah_inset_4Comedy Central

Voting began on Comedy Central's website on Monday night and fans will continue to narrow down Trump's "greatest" tweet over the next four weeks, culminating in the ultimate Trump Twitter snafu.

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Watch the clip from "The Daily Show" above.

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