Donald Trump's missile strike on Syria divided the women of "The View" on Friday morning with the panel launching into a heated debate about whether it was the right decision.

Conservative panelists Jedediah Bila and Paula Faris were both on board with the move and commended the president for his actions.

"I love what he did. I'm very proud of President Trump," said Bila who has been critical of the commander-in-chief in the past.

"I was very upset in August of 2012 when President Obama declared a red line against Syria and said if these chemical attacks continue, that's it, we're done, we're getting involved and we did nothing. When you're the commander in chief, the buck stops with you."

"If he had not gone to Congress, President Obama, they would have impeached him," Joy Behar said. "President Trump did not have the authority to do this without Congress," argued Sunny Hostin.

"President Trump specifically said to President Obama that you should not act without Congress and he did the very same thing he cautioned against," Sunny continued.

"If you can't allow yourself to be affected by looking at those pictures and the videos of those children not being able to breathe, you have to question your humanity," Faris chimed in, really riling up the panel.

"Please, this is not personal about questioning anybody's humanity," Behar interjected. "These are military operations we're talking about here. Please."

"I think it showed someone that was willing to unilaterally act without congress and we've gotta be very careful with that, because what is his plan?" Hostin then asked.

Hostin and Bila then got into a emotional back and forth about whether or not Trump went about the decision to strike "in the right way."

"We've had enough of this," Joy said, ending the conversation, "I've had enough of this!"

Watch the conversation above.

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