"Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer is two for two this season after saying the wrong thing at the wrong time -- yet again.

On Wednesday night's episode of the Bravo series, Ramona made things very uncomfortable for herself and Luann D'Agostino (formerly de Lesseps) when she insisted she be invited to Luann's wedding.

"I bought my ticket, I did. Am I getting my invite?" a seemingly serious Ramona said to Luann.

"Really? You're gonna invite yourself to my wedding?" Luann asked.

Ramona told Luann she bought a plane ticket to Palm Beach, Florida, where the wedding would take place, and then asked if she was invited, insinuating she wouldn't be able to make it even is Luann did invite her.

"I want you to know people are still taking bets if the wedding is gonna be on or not," Ramona said.

"And you ask me why I didn't invite you to the wedding? This is why. This is exactly why," Luann fired back.

The conversation came just two weeks after Ramona asked Bethenny Frankel about her X-rated past while the housewives were supposed to be having a nice, conflict-free dinner.

But we all know "conflict free" is never the case when it comes to housewife social events (Remember last week when Dorinda Medley attacked Sonja Morgan for talking smack about her on social media?), and Wednesday's GNO was no different.

In a recent interview with TooFab, Luann dished on her lavish New Year's wedding and all things Housewives.

Congratulations on your wedding! How is married life?

Awesome. Awesome. We were Miami recently and we were over at the SoHo [Beach] House, and I was with Marysol Patton from the Miami franchise, and she was asking me and I said, ‘You know what? It’s better than we ever expected.’ It’s just very bonding, and I feel very solid. I knew things would change, but I didn’t realize how much stronger it makes a relationship. Well, it did for us, at least.

What was the best part and the worst part of your wedding day?

It’s like a holiday when you’re home with your family and there’s a snowstorm and you're all stuck in one room and everybody has to be together? It was so beautiful to have my whole family and everyone that loved me around me. It was just incredible. So that was my favorite part.

My least favorite part is that there was not enough time in the day. It just went by so quickly, and I just wish I had more time to do.

There was so much going on that night because it was Tom’s birthday, New Year’s Eve and it was the wedding night, so there was so many things crammed into one night, I just wish we had more time.

There’s so much going into it, and then – bam! It’s over. But it was amazing. It was incredible.

Was Dorinda the only housewife who got an invite to your wedding? Do you regret not inviting the others?

Yes, she was. No, I don’t regret not inviting the others because I didn’t want any drama. I wanted it to be absolute perfection and I didn’t want to worry about it and I just wanted to be relaxed and be around people that I would be comfortable to be around. It’s my big day, it’s my wedding day. I invited Dorinda because she introduced Tom and I. She was actually one of my bridesmaids. I had six bridesmaids, and my daughter was the flower girl and my son was the ring bearer.

You joked in the last episode that you are no longer a countess. How does the Count feel about you using Countess for branding purposes?

He’s very happy for me and he has no problem with it. We were married for 17 years and we have two children together, so he’s my biggest supporter.

Your ex-husband, The Count, didn't attend the ceremony because he said he wanted the day to be special for Tom. What is their relationship like?

My ex lives in Europe, so we don’t really see him too often, and the children go over a lot to visit their father overseas. But they’re on good terms, very good terms, very friendly. They actually met last summer. We actually went to a wedding in Europe last July, so they met there, and that was the first time that he met Tom. So they respectfully like each other.

How do your kids Victoria and Noel feel about Tom? Do they have a good relationship?

Oh, yeah. They love Tom. And it’s funny – when children see you happy then they’re happy.

Are you still friends with Jacque? Did he attend the wedding?

Jacque and I are friends, and yes he was at the weeding. He was dancing up a storm, and he brought a girlfriend. We lived together for four and a half years, and he was with me when the children were teenagers and he loves the kids, and the kids love him, so I was very happy that he came.

Your thoughts on newcomer Tinsley Mortimer?

I think Tinsley is very sweet. I’ve known her for a bit. I’ve known her from the past in New York. Not really well, but we’re acquaintances. And recently, I got to see her in Palm Beach because her family lives in Palm Beach, so I actually saw her just before I found out she was gonna be on the show and before she got into all that trouble. I feel like she’s a good edition. I think being a part of this cast, it’s so important that you have a past with the cast because I think that’s really what makes it work – that there’s authentic relationships there. She knows Sonja and a couple of the girls, so I think that’s really helpful, and I think she’s a good edition to the cast. She’s moved back to New York to sort of reinvent herself, and she spent a lot of time in New York before that. And then she moved to Florida and now she’s back, so it kind of works.

Can you separate Tinsley from Sonja Morgan in terms of where your relationship can go?

Yeah, absolutely. When I saw Tinsley again in Palm Beach before she did the show, I didn’t even know that she knew Sonja, so we kind of have our own friendship, as do Sonja and I. I don’t bunch people together.

A preview for an upcoming episode showed that Jill Zarin will make a cameo this season. Are you in those scenes with her? What can you tell us about that?

We actually have dinner, and Jill is there with us, and we talk about what happens in The Berkshires, so you’ll have to wait and see because we do another trip to the Berkshires, so yeah, it’s good fun. It’s nice to see her back on camera.

Is there a chance we see Jill return to the show full time?

You never know.

Which former New York housewife do you miss the most?

Probably Jill, and Kelly [Bensimon].

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