Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert used the Donald Trump's favorite form of social media to try and put an end to his presidency Monday night.

The "Late Show" host and his guest bonded over the fact that Donald's son, Donald Trump Jr., follows both of them on Twitter.

"What's amazing about social media is if someone follows you on Twitter and you follow them, you can communicate directly with them through direct messaging," Rogen explained after walking out on stage. "If you're both on Twitter and you follow each other, you can open up a private conversation if it were. I found out Donald Trump Jr. followed me and I then followed him to try and open a line of communication with the son of the President of the United States, which is a pretty cool thing to do."

The first message he sent was back in February, tweeting at him directly in his main feed:

"He iced me on that one," Rogen explained, before explaining how he then sent Trump Jr. a direct message instead, again asking for his help getting Trump out of office.

"Nothing. No response whatsoever," Rogen added.

That's when Colbert revealed that Trump Jr. follows him as well, so the two decided to "double team his ass" and send him two more DMs from the set.

The message Colbert sent:

Before Rogen sent yet another communication of his own, he revealed he actually sent a third message "late one night" where he sounded like he was "creeping on him like someone who's blocking me on Tinder." The one-sided conversation started with, "Hey man, don't mean to come across like a weirdo or anything ..."

Here's what he ended up sending while sitting beside Colbert:

Rogen, who was born in Vancouver, went on to talk about how "sexy" Canada's looking these days thanks to their "bangable" Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

"I think [Trump’s ] biggest supporters would rather bang the Prime Minister of Canada than him, I'd imagine, if given the choice," Rogen said. "I would."

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