Casting the Inevitable Donald Trump Movie

It doesn’t look like Donald Trump's family is sorry about that meme of the President body-slamming CNN -- if anything, they’re doubling down on the joke.

After a week of media outrage over President Trump tweeting an animated GIF of himself attacking a man on WWE with CNN’s logo superimposed over the man’s face, his son Donald Trump Jr. went a step further.

“One of the best I’ve seen,” he wrote with cry-laugh and American flag emojis, retweeting a video clip from @OldRowOfficial taunting “Hey @CNN we heard you like memes.”

The video is a clip from the movie “Top Gun,” this time with President Trump’s face pasted over Tom Cruise’s Maverick and the CNN logo on the Soviet “bogey” that Maverick is blasting out of the sky.

While it's pretty safe to say that Trump Jr. doesn't think the President should attack CNN headquarters with missiles, he's certainly eager to use the meme controversy to inflict damage on the cable news network. The eldest Trump son also promoted and encouraged the #CNNBlackmail campaign that sprang up after CNN tracked down the man behind the original body slam meme and announced they would not reveal his identity, though the network "reserves the right" to change its mind if he continued such behavior. The #CNNBlackmail trend resulted in trolls sending hate mail to CNN staffers and their friends and family. Media figures and critics were quick to react to Trump Jr.'s renewed attack on CNN, his disrespect toward journalists in general and the false implication that Donald Trump served in the military:

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