Trevor Noah joined the rest of late-night TV Tuesday in wondering why Donald Trump Jr. is literally incriminating himself by releasing emails that show him setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer to collude over damaging information on Hillary Clinton from the Kremlin.

"Do you guys realize how bigly this is? For a whole year we've been wondering if the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to effect the U.S. Presidential election and finally, we have an answer," Noah said on "The Daily Show" Tuesday.

Noah recapped the days events, noting that after Trump Jr. spent the majority of the weekend making excuses for why he was in communication with Russians, he finally decided to share the actual emails in an act of transparency. But it was later reported that he only decided to do so after he learned The New York Times was set to publish the emails.

The best part about all of this for Noah, though, was realizing that all of these "Trump world masterminds" are really just a group of "low-rent pageant clowns."

"At this point it isn't even a high-level conspiracy, this isn't 'House of Cards' this isn't even 'Veep' -- it wouldn't even qualify for 'Blue's Clues,'" he joked.

"I'm not even waiting for 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' to come back on, this is the best comedy show ever," Noah said. "This two legged brain foreclosure thought the best way to get out of this mess would be to jump in it himself?"

"The Russians said they wanted to team up with the Trump campaign against Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Presidential election, and Donald Jr's response is, 'I love it?'" Noah said. "Maybe Don Jr. doesn't know how to use the word 'love' properly, because he's never heard it growing up."

Noah then mocked POTUS' statement that his son is a "high-quality person."

"I'm sorry, but that is not a statement of support. In fact, that's not even a compliment, it sounds like Trump is just giving himself props," Noah said.

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