Why Late-Night Writers Are Tired of Trump Jokes and His Twitter Storms
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Donald Trump has been the hottest topic of late-night TV since even before the inauguration, but that doesn't mean the writers for these shows thrilled about it.

Writers for shows like "The Daily Show" and "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" gathered for a panel at the Television Critics Press Association Saturday morning, where many of them agreed their jobs have grown monotonous.

"It can get really boring to deal with this same person provoking the same level of outrage with everything he does," "Daily Show" writer Hallie Haglund said. "During Obama's presidency, we'd have a week where we didn't use a clip of the president. We'd be talking about what else was going on in the world. We recently had an act where we did not say Trump's name once. I cannot remember the last time that happened. It's as frustrating as it is boring."

When the four-person panel was asked if they've been surprised to see almost every late-night talk show take on the same Trump-ian beat, the answer was a unanimous "no."

"If there was suddenly more cancer, there'd be a lot more cancer organizations fighting it," said "The President Show" head writer Christine Nangle. "We made him. We allowed this to happen."

Nangle added that it's difficult to make sure the show's liberal-skewed jokes don't totally offend any Trump supporters who may be watching.

"You don't want to say to a Trump voter, 'You're so stupid, you got conned,'" she said. "It's about trying to present from a different angle. This is what's happening. This is who this is. See for yourself."

But "Full Frontal" writer and correspondent Ashley Nicole Black isn't too concerned with upsetting conservatives because she believes most wouldn't tune in to a show like hers.

"I truly do not know if there's a way for people to see the other side," Black said. "People only watch certain outlets and watch certain commercials. We're not going to advertise for 'Full Frontal' on Fox News. The real problem with our country now is that our media diets are so bifurcated."

The worst part of writing during the Trump administration, however: his random tweet storms.

"The tweets usually come in right as we finish our morning meeting and just planned our entire show for the day," Haglund added. "And then they come in and it's like, 'Well, f— that, we shouldn't even have had a meeting, because now we have to do all this stuff."

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