Matt LeBlanc Thinks 'Friends' Reunion Is a Terrible Idea and Will Never Happen
"Friends" Cast -- Then & Now

Sorry "Friends" fans, even Joey doesn't think a reunion is a good idea.

Although reboots of some of the most iconic '90s shows are either on the way, in the works or have already aired, Matt LeBlanc made it clear in a Daily Beast interview that he's not interested, and explained why nobody else should be either.

"I don’t see that happening," LeBlanc said. "What story are we telling? Those characters have all gone their separate ways, they’ve all grown up."

"That show was about a finite period in people’s lives, after school and before you get married," LeBlanc said. "That time where your friends are your support system. And once that time’s over, that time’s over."

There have been rumblings of a possible reunion in previous years (so far, the best we got was a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" sketch), most recently in 2016 when a "reunion" was promoted in the press, even though the cast was simply getting together for an NBC special honoring TV director James Burrows.

"That wasn’t a reunion," LeBlanc said. "I think it’s a shame that that was called a 'Friends' reunion. I don’t know whether that was a network publicity stunt or what. Because the cast of 'Cheers' was there, the cast of 'Taxi' was there, the cast of 'Will & Grace' was there. It was a night to celebrate Jim Burrows, that’s what that was. And I thought that was a giant disrespect to him to call it a 'Friends' reunion. It was all about Jim Burrows. Everybody turned up because everybody loved Jim Burrows."

But just because a "Friends" hasn't happened on camera, doesn't mean it hasn't happened behind closed doors. LeBlanc said he and his co-stars have gotten together a few times over the years since the beloved sitcom ended in 2004.

"It’s usually at someone’s house, and it’s not that often," LeBlanc said.

"It’s great," he added. "It’s like no time has passed, Generally we do it with no significant others. It’s just the six of us. It’s the same dynamic as it always was. It’s really fun."

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