The sexual tension between "Game of Thrones" characters Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth is palpable on screen and, as it turns out, can be just as intense when they're off camera.

Gwendoline Christie, the actress who plays Brienne opposite Tormund actor Kristofer Hivju, told Seth Meyers on Tuesday she thought the beloved wildling's leers at her are "absolutely terrifying."

"He is into me, and he likes to continue being in character even off set," she said. "He will start chewing a sandwich wildly at me, start masticating wildly at me, really kind of making love to the sandwich as he eyeballs me. So strong, eyes like lasers."

Christie, a classically trained actress, said that Tormund's lustful looks make her "dissolve without fail."

"No one told me that this was going to happen," she said. "I was not expecting the power, the magnitude of this sexual intension to pour out of a man's eyes and cover me."

"I feel like it comes out of the screen," she joked.

Watch the "Late Night" interview above to find out what Christie's weirdest "GoT" fan encounter was. It's even creepier than Tormund giving her the eyes while eating a sandwich.

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