Ellen Degeneres and Kris Jenner Prank Cashier at 99 Cent Only Store
Kardahian Family Through the Years

"Mommy's broke, but you know what? Too blessed to be stressed," Jenner tells one store clerk.

The queen of daytime pranks and the head of the Kardashian Klan came together for "Ellen's Show Me More Show" to pull off the most hilarious prank yet.

Ellen Degeneres sent Kris Jenner to the 99 Cent Only Store in Burbank. With an earpiece in Jenner's ear, Degeneres coached her on what to say to unsuspecting clerks.

Having to follow every direction from the talk show host, things quickly got out of hand. "Hi! I'm Kris Jenner. I'm a big celebrity," Jenner began after entering the store and bee lining for the nearest employee.

After asking for (and complaining about) the price of a coconut and razors, admitting that she shaves her back, and making the clerk very uncomfortable, she had to say she had to exclaim, "Mommy's broke, but you know what? Too blessed to be stressed!"

Watch her reveal it's all an elaborate Ellen prank below:

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