17 Hot AF Photos of the 'Floribama Shore' Cast

In the finale of "Floribama Shore" the cast gets their parents involved in all of the drama.

There was a lot of tension in the "Floribama Shore" house after Aimee Hall pushed Kirk Medas over a coffee table last episode, and fans we'll see more fallout from the fight on the season finale.

In TooFab's exclusive clip of Monday's new episode, Aimee considers calling out Kirk in front of his parents for insulting her the night prior.

"Kirk's momma and step daddy are right there and I feel like saying, 'Hey, do you know how your son talks to women? Well, let me tell you about last night,'" Aimee says in a confessional interview.

It's not immediately clear if she spills to Kirk's parents about how he treats women, but we do see her hint at it in front of everyone while her roommate looks over anxiously.

"If Aimee tries to blast me in front of my parents - that's not going to go well at all," he says.

See what goes down in the finale of "Floribama Shore" Monday at 10 PM ET.

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